ANME Roundup: Lubes, Lotions and More

These are some of the interesting sensual products we saw at this summer’s Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo, generally known as the AMNE Founder’s Show. These include lubes, warming oils, shaving cream, bubble bath and massage candles.


We have written many times about Shunga products, which we like. I especially like their new bottle designs for their aphrodisiac warming oils. We (and I believe they) use the term aphrodisiac a little euphemistically, as these are simply sensual and edible warming oils and do not have magical powers of sexual arousal (unless, of course, you choose to believe that). I did not hate the old bottle, but the new one is much more stylish and the screw on a cap is an improvement over the original cork stopper. Along with the terrific new bottle, they have four new scents- Coconut Thrills, Creamy Love Latte, Caramel Kisses and Midnight Sorbet. I tried them all and liked them, although my personal favorite was the coconut.

Coconut Thrills, Midnight Sorbet, Caramel Kisses, and Creamy Love Latte


Earthly Body

We have tried Earthly Body massage candles and enjoyed them, and you might want to check out our review of massage candles. Coming for the holidays are holiday themed massage candles. These include Berry Naughty (cranberry, black peppercorn, and star anise), Ho Ho Ho (allspice, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks), and Santa’s Secret (cinnamon bark, clove and cedar wood). These will be available in 6 oz. Tins and in a collection of all three in 2 oz tins. They also have a set of Valentines themed heart shaped tins in Take Me Home, Afternoon Delight, and Private Party scents (and no, I have no idea hat they smell like). In their edible candles line (the oil that results from burning them is safe to put in your mouth- you don’t want to actually eat the candles) has 4 oz tropical themed candles in heart shaped tins. The flavors are Pineapple, Mango, and Banana. They also have a new holiday set of three massage oils in their Massage a Trois collection with their signature Isle of You, Skinny Dip, and Naked in the Woods scents. Their products are made with hemp.

Heat, Crush and Fling Massage Candles


Holiday Products

I first met the owner of Holiday Products many years ago when we were both members of Elysium, a private club in Topanga Canyon. This was even before I was involved with adult products, so we are talking way back. His was one of the first companies I started working with when I got involved selling adult products, and I always had good interactions with the company and their friendly staff. We did a review of their Coochy Shave Cream and gave it the thumbs up. The basic formula has not changed, but the packaging has. It is also available in a bunch of scents: Au Natural, Be Original (vanilla, orange blossoms, and gardenias), Frosted Cake, Floral Haze (rose, jasmine, and fruit blossoms), Island Paradise (acai and mangosteen), Sweet Nectar (pear, wild berries and apple blossoms), and Green Tease (green tea, bergamont and lime). As we said in the review, as a personal shaving cream that helps reduce bumps and rashes in your more intimate areas, this stuff really does work. It also comes in Travel sizes. It is an effective product that has been around for over 30 years.

Coochy Shave Cream- Au Natural, Be Original, Frosted Cake, Floral haze, Island Paradise, Sweet Nectra, Green Tease



When my wife and I did Sexy Game Seminars a few years ago, one of the simple games was with edible bubbles, where women competed to catch a bubble on their tongue. I think you had to be there to appreciate how sexy it could get. Then the manufacturer stopped making them. Sportsheets, as part of their Shower Sex line, have introduced Kissable Passion Bubbles with a Vanilla Mint flavor. This sounds like a similar formulation. So, what are the possibilities? I don’t know, but neither did I know what to do with Edible Bubbles until we started playing with them.

Kissable Passion Bubbles


Not a lot has changed since we last reviewed the Sliquids line of lubes. They have added a new item, Soul, which is an organic coconut oil based product. As with anything with the word oil in it, you do not want to use this with condoms. They have also added two new flavors to their Swirl collection of flavored lubes- Blackberry Fig and Tangerine Peach.

Blackberry Fig and Tangerine Peach flavored lube



I heard my favorite story of the show at the Wet Lubes booth. For April Fools day, they announced a new lube, Unicorn Spit. It was donut flavored. The pre-orders kept coming in, even though the product was a joke. What else could they do? They developed a donut flavored lube and named it Unicorn Spit. They continue to sell it to this day, along with a wide array of adult lubricants. It even won the 2017 AVN “O” Award. Trigg Laboratories is the company behind the Wet line, and they have been making adult lubricants since 1989.


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