ANME Roundup: No Batteries Required

Above: Pipedream Icicle Glass Dildos and Butt Plugs

Not all sex toys require batteries, and the electricity free dildo has been popular since before recorded history. The oldest known dildo is from 28,000 years ago. We scoured the July ANME Show for the most interesting new battery free sexual stimulators.

Fun Factory

The Bootie Ring from Fun Factory is sort of the love child of a cock ring and a butt plug, with a perineum stimulator thrown in as well. This is different enough that I can not imagine how it feels, but for men interested in anal play, this has a whole lot going on. It is 100% silicone.

Booty Ring

The Fun Cup is a pleasure product in that it allows you to enjoy the pleasure of intercourse even when you are on your period. It is a cup made from silicone that provides period protection for up to 12 hours. It is designed to stay in place and remain comfortable. You get two cups, and they are reusable.

Fun Cup


The Topco Cyberskin Squirtz is a big improvement over the old style squirting cock that had a big attached squeeze bulb. In these the squeeze bulb is where it belongs, inside the testicles. This is for play, though, not an educational item to teach women how to make men orgasm. Tightly squeezing the testicles in real life generally doesn’t do it.

Since the introduction of the Fleshlight and that company’s brilliant ability to get publicity in the mainstream press for it, the male masturbator market has exploded, with many other companies busily introducing new products so that consumers now have a very wide choice in products. Topco introduced a unique line of male masturbators called Vulcan Shower Stroker with Cyberskin H20. They are the now familiar tubes with lips, a vagina, or an anus at one end. They feature a new material called Cyberskin H2O, a variation of their realistic feeling Cyberskin that is essentially self-lubricating. With a little water, the material itself will become surprisingly slick. This ability does not last forever and will eventually wear out, but then you can use it like a regular male masturbator. They come in Mocha and Cream colors.

Vulcan Shower Stroker


Doc Johnson

Years ago, Doc Johnson introduced their Vac-U-Lock system, which has become an industry standard ever since. It is basically a secure plug system that allows you to attach dildos to other items- harnesses, big inflatable balls you can ride, and many other creative items. New Vac-U-Lock products appear on a regular basis, and one of the latest is the Total Penetration Set. Made from their Platinum Silicone, it includes a Vac-U-Lock harness with three different graduated sized penetrators at 5, 6, and 7 inches. This is a kit that should appeal to those new to the idea of pegging and interested in exploring. .

Doc Johnson is certainly not new to the male masturbator market, and they have just introduced a Blair Williams molded vagina for their MainSqueeze. While the outside might match her external genitalia, the inside certainly does not match her insides, as they have a rather complex texture going on in there. Blair is a good choice for me, with her girl next door looks and demeanor. She used to be a Sunday School teacher (I also used to teach Sunday school), and continues to be a woman of faith even though she rejects some of the most stringent anti-sex teachings of her faith. She is also smart, which I really like. And she really likes older men who write sex product reviews (okay, maybe that last one is not true, but if she models for a male masturbator I get to project some of my harmless sexual fantasies on her). Let me stop thinking about Blair for a moment and get back to the specs. The MainSqueeze is made from their ULTRASKYN lifelike skin material inside a hard case with a lid, you can easily control pressure and suction strength, and it fully disassembles for cleaning. The generic MainSqueeze is available in vanilla (we are talking skin color here), caramel, and chocolate. They also have a transparent version, and a warming rod you can insert to bring it up quickly to body temperature.

MainSqueeze with Blair Williams


Channel 1 Releasing

The Rascal line from Channel 1 Releasing now includes the Brawn Pride, a rainbow silicone cock with stripes of color- not an easy thing to make. I am not gay, but even I want one. I also like their line of glow in the dark dildos, cock rings and cock leashes. Their latest introduction is the D-Ring Glow X3, a package of three glow in the dark cock rings in blue, orange and yellow. I can’t believe they did not say it, so I will – “Glow Your Pride!”

Brawn Pride



Aneros was the pioneer of medically-patented prostate massage toys, and they continue to be the only ones to offer them on the market. They introduced a new line of Trident prostate massagers. This is their first new release in two years, and it replaces the classic version. They say that its “updated configuration allows it to move from y to x axis to create a wobble or multi-axial motion for improved feel and intuitive responsiveness.” What that means in real world terms I am not sure, but it sounds interesting. They have four versions, the MGX, Maximus, Helix and Eupho.

Aneros Trident



I reviewed the first product Rocks-Off ever made, and they are still going strong many years later. They have two new vaginal ball products. The one that first caught my eye was the Love in Chains. These are somewhere in between anal beads and Benwa balls, but designed for vaginal use. There are two balls, connected by a silicone and very stretchy chain with a big silver tab at one end. I do not know what the chain adds to the experience, but the look should appeal to those in the BDSM crowd. Golden Balls are two balls connected by a stretchy silicone cord with a big gold tab at one end.

Love in Chains and Golden Ball


BMS Factory

Let’s say you are rich and very powerful, maybe even a world leader, but your hands are too small to satisfy anyone. BMS Factory comes to the rescue with the Extra Touch Finger. This super soft silicone extension with a stimulating texture slips over your middle finger and gives you a freakishly large digit of pleasure. It comes in red and purple, and fits on either hand.

Extra Touch Finger



Shots showed off their Chrystalino line of hand blown borosilicate glass dildos and butt plugs. They come in a very pretty blue, with 8 models in the 4.5 inch size and 8 models in the 7 inch size. As with glass toys in general, they can be warmed and cooled for sensation play, they are easy to clean and non-porous, and they should last pretty much forever.

Expert, Pleaser, Follower,Classy, Superior, Champ, Lollypop, Tower, Treasure, Flask, Elegance, Gallant, Genius, Pin, Star, and Seed



Pipedream has expanded their Icicle line of hand blown glass dildos and anal stimulators with new female-friendly designs, including butt plugs with floral or diamond-shaped flared bases. Check out the main picture above for the latest additions, and go online to see the amazing number of different designs they offer.



This might be one of my favorite names for a new product that I saw at the show- CalExotics introduced the Her Royal Harness line of strap-ons. They also showed the Me2 Probe to use in the harness. Ergonomically curved with a full contact base that is designed to hug your body, it also has contours and ridges intended to provide pleasure to the person wearing it as well as to the person on the receiving end. It has a bulbous probe that is slightly curved. Theoretically this should provide both G-spot and male prostate stimulation. Of course, they would love for you to use it with their strap-on, but it will also work with others.

Her Royal Harness and the Me2 Probe



I was very intrigued by the products from Uvee. While not a dildo or a vibrator or even all that stimulating, and it requires electricity, it could become their best friend. It is designed to allow you to use your sex toys more safely. It competes with the gel foam and spray toy cleaners, but claims that it is much more effective. They have two units, one that can sanitize in five minutes and one for people with much more time on their hands as it takes an entire ten minutes (and it is more portable). They are called the Go Play and the Home Play respectively. They claim the product kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and yeast found on sex toys, and they have the lab results to back this up. They also did lab testing of other commercial toy cleaners, which did not rate nearly as well. Sure, these are more expensive than buying a spray bottle of cleaner, but they are much more effective and you only have to buy them once. We will be writing more about these in the near future.

Go Play and Home Play


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