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We are in final edit for Jeff Booth’s new book, Coming Out Swinging. It is an insider’s look at sexual exploration. It recounts the story of when Jeff’s wife went on a game show competing against Ron Jeremy. It also explains why she dislikes Ron Jeremy so much. Ron got into the news just in time to be added to the book, and here is that excerpt:

I always believed Ginger Lynn when she claimed that Ron Jeremy raped her early in her career. I saw him many times with women in the industry, and he was a guy who simply would not take no for an answer. He was constantly pressuring women to have sex.

Born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, the 67-year-old was arrested in June of 2020 on three counts each of forcible rape and forcible penetration by a foreign object and one count each of forcible oral copulation and sexual battery. He is alleged to have raped three women and sexually assaulting one other, going back to 2014.  He was under investigation for two years.

His attorney, Stuart Goldfarb, stated: “He’s been with over 4,000 women the past 40 years and he claims he’s running ahead of Wilt Chamberlain in that arena. There’s absolutely no reason for him to ever be aggressive with women. He’s absolutely innocent of the charges. It’s not a close call.” I agree that there is no reason for him to be sexually aggressive with women, but I have personally witnessed him doing exactly that time and time again, and my wife has experienced it, and tons of women in the industry have told me that he is a problem, and lots of women in the industry have publicly stated that he is a predator. Over two dozen women have come forward accusing him. I believe that just as with Harvey Weinstein, for Ron Jeremy it is about the power and control and humiliation as much as it is about the sex.

My reaction to his arrest is that it’s about time. He got away with his sexual aggressiveness because he was a predator focused on women in the porn industry. Whether he raped the women in this case or not I don’t know, but I have little doubt that he could have. He absolutely is a serial sexual assaulter.

There have been accusations circulating in the adult industry for many years around numerous rape and sexual assault accusations. In a 2017 Rolling Stone article, a dozen women accused him. The woman who spearheaded that article, adult industry performer Ginger Banks, claims that since that article she has collected about 50 legitimate firsthand accounts from alleged victims of sexual assaults by Jeremy.

He has had industry awards rescinded. His bad behavior got him permanently banned from the EXXXotica conventions in 2017. He was permanently banned from the Adult Entertainment Expo in 2019.

He believes his banning was unfair, claiming that women expect him to grope them at adult events. The groping he refers to includes accusations that he shoved his finger inside unwilling women. He is dangerously delusional if he believes that he is so famous he can grab women by the pussy, and they let him. On the plus side, I don’t think he will ever have an opportunity to attend any adult events in the future, even if they wanted him. I think his groping days, with women anyway, are over.

He is essentially facing life in prison. He will sit in jail until trial, unable to pay the $6.6 million bail. His arrest was due to the work of the Entertainment Industry Sex Crimes Task Force, inspired by the MeToo movement. Their work also led to the charges against Harvey Weinstein still pending in Los Angeles as this written.

The prosecutors are looking for more victims, and I will not be surprised if many more come forward. I have long felt that he was a blight on the adult industry, and his popularity always baffled me.

I just saw a headline “Dozens more women accuse Ron Jeremy of rape and sexual assault over 20 years.” Actually, Ginger Lynn accused him closer to 40 years ago, so he has been a predator for a very long time. When she came out publicly in 2003 about the incident with Ron two decades earlier, she mentioned that there were many others who had been assaulted

Just as Weinstein used his power to help or harm their career to pressure and force women into having sex with him (when he did not just outright rape them), Ron did the same thing in porn. Women keep coming forward. The prosecutors are the same ones that are going after Weinstein. They don’t mess around. Ron will be locked up for a long time, and the porn industry will be better off because of it.

WAP. It is driving quite a few people insane. It is a music video by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. In case you missed the ruckus, WAP stands for “Wet-Ass Pussy.” If you guessed “Wireless Application Protocol,” you are a nerd.

It is very sexual. It is a bit on the explicit side. It is about women expressing their desire for sex and their own sexuality. It presents sexual desire from a female perspective. It is visually very sexy. I am all good with that. It is also controversial for a number of reasons.

Sexphobic conservatives are not happy. Women aren’t supposed to want sex. It is even worse when it is black women. Conservative political commentator and racist misogynist Ben Shapiro called it “really, really, really vulgar.” California Republican congressional candidate James P. Bradley, a Republican congressional candidate in California said it made him “want to pour holy water in my ears.” White men seem to really have a problem with it.

The thing is, I am a white male boomer. It is not really targeted to me, so what I think of it is not really relevant. While I am for female sexual empowerment, I wish there were a little more economic equality. In reality, there is no such thing. At the same time, both women who star in this video are very wealthy. They really are economically empowered.

And yet, in the song, the lyrics are not very economically empowering if you are having sex to get material goods. While there are no men in the video, they do exist in the background, out of sight, and not as objects of sexual desire but as sources of money. It starts out with “Whores in this house.” It makes sense as the song is based around a sample of Frank Ski’s 1993 single, “Whores in This House.”

Then the line “I don’t cook, I don’t clean, but let me tell you how I got this ring.” I am assuming through sex. I actually really like the way the lyrics embrace cunnilingus and female pleasure, as well as giving pleasure. The lyrics also feature “He got some money, then that’s where I’m headed,” with an expectation that a man will pay for their tuition, and buy them a car.

In reality, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion don’t need any man to buy them anything. I wouldn’t mind a video like this that embraced that- female sexual desire presented where they truly have power- choosing their sex partners not because of the material goods that they can provide, but simply out of desire and lust.

I am white and not a rap fan, so this song is neither intended for me nor could I really fully understand it. There is this intersection between rap and prostitution that I don’t really get. Male rappers often refer to themselves as pimps. I am for legalization of prostitution but with rules that keep the pimps at bay and provide legal protection for the prostitutes (including from the police- every prostitute I have interviewed told me they were forced to have sex with cops- it was part of the cost of doing business).

Maybe the point is that too many women have to use sex to survive. Maybe it reflects Cardi B’s previously working as a stripper. Maybe it reflects “letting the ‘ho speak” rather than being defined by male rappers. I am in no position to criticize anyone’s expression of their sexuality or the realities of their life, especially when it differs so much from my own experience.

Even so, I would like to see a music video like this that didn’t imply that women needed to whore themselves out to be sexually empowered. Maybe that is the next step in the evolution of rap.

Hallmark has just premiered the first romance movie with a gay wedding. The main characters are heterosexual, but the pair wind up attending four weddings together. Titled Wedding Every Weekend, it features a Jewish wedding, a biracial weeding, and a same sex wedding between two women. Yes, they do kiss, as is the tradition at weddings. I don’t think there is anything in this movie Monica will like.

Hallmark has also promised to include LGBTQ+ characters, actors, and storylines. The exact details have not yet been revealed.

One Million Moms is basically one mom, Monica Cole. I am assuming she is a mom, but how that happened with her level of sexphobia I do not know. She also really really hates gay people. Now she has gone too far. She needs to get her stinkin’ paws off of my Hallmark Christmas movies!

Last year, her organization, which is literally just her, managed to get the Hallmark Channel to remove a lovely wedding ring commercial because it featured two brides kissing. The resultant uproar convinced Hallmark to put the commercial back on. It also made Hallmark think about maybe having more diversity in their Christmas movies. They may be the Christmas movie leader, but Lifetime has always been ahead of them in diversity.

Monica wrote: “Hallmark Channel announced its plans to start introducing gay and transgender storylines into its movies after receiving online complaints about the lack of obvious LGBTQ content in its lineup of holiday movies. In less than one year, the network decided not only to air LGBTQ commercials, which 1MM petitioned and began to boycott in December 2019, but also to produce and air movies pushing the gay agenda by featuring lead gay characters in homosexual relationships.”

The gay agenda she refers to is the idea that gay people actually exists and are pretty normal. She is incensed that Hallmark actually listened to its viewers instead of to one lonely, angry, frustrated mom. I suppose that in a different time Monica would have been screaming about black people being depicted in a positive way on television. Haters got to hate, and Monica is a one woman hate group.

Yes, she sees this as an issue relating to her toxic form of Christianity, but she is also starkly political, seeing this as a left versus right issue. In a May Gallop poll, 67 percent of Americans support same sex marriage, and that includes 44 percent of Republicans.

A woman added this comment to the GLAAD article about Hallmark: “Why doesn’t Hallmark or Disney devote just one of their channels to this “porno smut” and label it as such. Then we would know which one to avoid instead of living with the fear our children might run across this rated X material when we are not aware of it?” As much as I might enjoy seeing a porno Hallmark channel, I don’t see that happening, and the mere fact that gay people exist and can now marry each other in the U.S. is not pornography. You might as well ask for one of the 50 states to be devoted to gay people so your children will never see them and learn that gay people are real.

In a way, Monica actually helped make Hallmark become more open to the LGBTQ community, and for that, we can be a tiny bit grateful. For everything else she does, she will need to get right with God. Maybe if she spent less time watching television not intended for her and getting incensed,  she might spend that time trying to learn more about actual Christian love and charity.