Terrifying New Sex Products

While this article is about the worst new sex related products, which was my original intention, it is also going to be a little bit about Dr. Jen Guntner. I had read about a number…

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Creative Condoms

People use condoms because they need to, not because they want to. There is no question that we need better condoms. The tougher question is in defining just what a better condom is. A number…

ED Drugs- A Personal Perspective

I do not use ED drugs recreationally. I was diagnosed with a condition commonly associated with ED, and I take two different drugs with ED as a known side effect. Talk about a triple whammy….

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex

This Fourth of July, what better topic is there than women becoming more free to take charge of their own sexuality and gaining a better understanding of how they like to be pleasured? Self pleasuring,…