Rascal Daisy Douche

Manufacturer: Rascal Sex Toys  Materials: hard plastic Size: 3” nozzle

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Simple and inexpensive, this does the job. It is also sold by Boneyard (a men’s line) as Skwert, but it is the same thing. The 1 piece 3 inch threaded plastic nozzle fits most standard size water bottles.

You fill up the bottle, screw on the lid, and you have an instant douche for anal cleansing (vaginal douching is a separate topic). It includes a cap to make it spill proof. The only complaint I have is that the round area you twist on (like a bottle cap) is not ridged, which makes it more difficult to get a grip on to open and refill the bottle when you are in the shower, where you are most likely going to want to use this.

I tried several sized bottles and the larger they were, the more difficult it was to maneuver. The smaller bottles (10 oz.) were easier for me, but then there is the more frequent need to reload.

I did feel cleaner after using this. If you are interested in the topic of douching, we suggest you read our article Keeping it Clean.

I don’t use this for an enema, but rather for simple anal cleansing as in a shower bidet. The Daisy is much simpler and cheaper than hooking up a shower bidet, and it is easily portable. True, it does not have the continues pressure of a shower bidet, but I like that you control the flow just by squeezing. A shower bidet has a wider spray, which does external cleansing well, but this can be inserted allowing for a little more internal cleansing. I have never used it to try and fill up my bowels with water, though. Not really into that.

For the price, portability, and ease of use, we give this a thumbs up (and you can guess what that thumb goes up).