Adult Entertainment Expo 2019 Intro

The major show for the Adult Industry is the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) held in Las Vegas in January. This is one of the major opportunities to check out new adult products, and take a lot of pictures of porn stars and cam girls. It is also an important show for us as the things we learn there set up our editorial calendar for much of the year.

The show has a long and interesting history, and I have been attending them since back when they were still part of the Consumer Electronics Show. For a bit more history, check out AEE Memories.

This year the show was towards the end of month. We did do a January piece on AVN Awards 2019 covering the winners of the AVN Awards, which is held the last night of AEE, but the rest of the show coverage continues throughout the month of February (It takes a lot of work to write these things up).

We also have our Behind the Scenes look at the show, which you can check out on our blog on the Center for Sexual Expression (CenterSEE) site.

There is so much going on at the AEE that we broke it down into several articles. These articles will be appearing throughout the next two months. When the link is blue that means the article is up. They include:

AEE Show Round-up – Vibrators

We show you a dazzling array of ways to make things vibrate.

AEE Show Round-up – Lubes, Lotions and Condoms

Products to rub on, lick off, and for better health

AEE Show Round-up – Cam Girls

Cam Girls are ascendant in the adult industry right now. Here we include some of the major Cam sites and photos of some of the lovely women you can cam with.

AEE Show Round-up – Sex Dolls

There were so many sex dolls at the show that we gave them their own category. It was like wandering around in the backstage area of Westworld.

AEE Show Round-up – Video

Video is still in the picture. Here we look at the key players who were on the show floor and photos of some of the lovely women who play for them.

AEE Show Round-up – Dildos

They have no moving parts and you never have to worry baout them running out of juice.