From the Editor

The storm continues to rage on, worse than ever. We had assumed we would just go on hiatus for a month or two. Then everything would get back to normal. We were very wrong. Normal still feels a long ways away.

So many of the ways we gather content are shut down. No summer AMNE show. No AEE show in January. No other live events to cover. Most everyone in survival mode.

We have also taken a huge financial hit. I was supposed to be out on the road now promoting my new book, Passion! with its companion art collection. Instead, I am working hard to finish another book, Coming Out Swinging. It is an intimate and detailed account of how my wife and I became so sexually adventurous, describing what it is like inside the worlds of swinging, BDSM, porn, nudism, and much more. Final edit of that should be done in a week or two, and then a few weeks more to get it out.

Under the current circumstances, we just can’t gather enough material to keep this site going the way it has been. We are going to have to completely rethink what we are doing. Frankly, what direction we will go is still unclear. We may focus on recorded interviews. Most people are set up to Zoom these days.

We shut it all down before we got January’s AEE convention report done. We will begin publishing that this month. It will take a little longer. We’ll need to check which companies have survived the storm, which products we saw are still in the pipeline. Most that will go to market should be available by now. We will continue to publish, but we will have much less content.

This is such an unprecedented time here in the United States. It is hard to plan for a future that is so obscured behind our federal government’s profound incompetence. Things have actually gotten worse since we shut down this site. Until we get new leadership in January, and a clear path for the future is laid out, planning is impossible.