2017 Long Beach Gay Pride Parade

Every year for the past dozen years my wife and I make the trek to the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade. We were there again for the 34th edition. Why do I, a heterosexual male,…

Wondercon – A Convention of Wonders

Wondercon is not technically an erotic event, but it can be a sexy event, in a hard PG-13 way.  This year it is back in Anaheim, California, and runs from March 31st to April 2nd….

AEE Memories

  The Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas starts next week. I’ve been to quite a few, including writing about them for seven years, so I thought I would take a look back at some…

Naughty New Year’s Eve

There are events across the country that allow you to celebrate the New Year with varying levels of debauchery. My wife and I have been doing erotic events for New Years Eve for many years….

The EU Halloween Party

Halloween is a big deal around here. Here we’ll give you tons of ideas you can use for your own Halloween party, plus take you on a tour of the sexily spooky decorated theme rooms….

Long Beach Gay Pride Parade

There were a couple of major news stories in California that impacted the gay community right before this year’s 33rd annual Long Beach Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, May 22nd. While they celebrated the parade’s…

Dom Con

I have been a journalist for 20 years, covering a wide variety of conventions, but never have so many vendors enthusiastically offered to hurt me. Time and time again I extended an arm to allow…

Burlesque is Back

  Burlesque is back with a vengeance. Burlesque was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in American theater. It began in the early 1900’s and reached the height of popularity from the 1930s…