ANME 2020 – Sex Toys

There are a wide variety of adult products at the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, but it is generally the sex toys that get the most attention. We all go looking for the latest technology, the most creative new ideas in vibrators, and the most beautiful lookers. There was lots of all of that on display.

Mystim is best known for their E-Stim devices and electrosex. That is not all they are about, though. They introduced a new line of male masturbators. Opus Mica has a new version with an authentic reproduction of the private parts of the erotic model Micaela Schäfer. This is a German company, and she is a lot better known in Germany, but she does have a perfectly nice vagina, based on observing the toy. The sucking effect is adjustable, in case you want it to feel more like Micaela has been doing her Kagel exercises and that somehow her vagina also sucks rather than just gripping.

I do find it amusing that they recommend their Bonnie and Glide lube to use with it. That is their lube that seems to be more available in Germany. It is water based so you can use it with a condom and a real person, and it won’t leave your condom as full of holes as, well, you know.

They also have the Opus E, if you prefer to have more anonymous sex with your masturbator. This is right in their wheel house as it lets you combine e-stimulation with a male masturbator. It comes with a vagina and there are also donut and anus options. No sprinkles on the donut, though.

There is also Captain Hook, which is attached to the middle Opus. It has a strong suction cup and adjustable tilt angle so that you can use the Opus models hand free.

Mystim Opus male masturbators

Private also showed off a whole bunch of male masturbators.

Tenga is well-known for their male masturbators. We reviewed the Tenga Flip Zero and their Original Vacuum Cup. In general, we really like their products for their unique designs. The latest masturbator is the Flip Orb masturbator. It opens up like a flip phone for very easy cleaning. It has pressure pads and you can create a vacuum. Ten colored balls and wavy ribs are embedded in the TPE material that lines the interior.

Tenga’s Flip Orb

They have some very interesting vibrators in their Iroha line. They are unique, and some are very Japanese. A great example of that is their latest, a series of vibes that look like an upside down decorated egg in a white cup. They are called Temari, which means hand ball in Japanese (not to be confused with tamari, the soy sauce). A temari is a very old type of folk art toy that used to be made from the remnants of kiminos. This modern and very adult take on the toy has an anti-dust coating, a vibration absorbing body, a powerful motor, and a cover to keep it clean. They are USB rechargable, and come in three designs, Mizu, Hana, and Kaze, which mean water, flower, and wind.

Tenga Iroha Temari

What is still one of the most popular vibrators in the world? The classic Magic Wand. It has been pleasuring women for fifty years now. It disappeared for awhile in 2013 when Hitachi decided it no longer wanted to be associated with a product that had become so associated with sex. Thanks to Vibratex, which also has great versions of the classic Rabbit vibrator, the magic Wand has been back for awhile. There are now three versions: the original (but actually a better build than the original), the plus (four intensity levels up to 6,300 RPM and a detachable cord- important since cord failure was what typically killed our old Hitachis) and the rechargable. They are still some of the most powerful vibes on the market.

Vibratex Magic Wand

We love the looks of the new entries from Rocks Off. The Xerus is a vibrating cock ring. The Oriel has a flexible egg shaped head and 10 vibration and pulsation settings. The Luv Wand has a heart shaped head with 10 vibration and pulsation settings. You gotta love that! Their vibrators are very eye catching. If you visit their site and are a steampunk fan, you must check out their Dr. Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium line.

Rocks Off latest vibrators

Zalo makes super premium unique and beautiful sex toys. They picked up the 2020 AVN Award for best pleasure product manufacturer. They make some of the most eye-catching sex toys ever, and you should visit their web site to check out what they have to offer. What caught my eye was the new Amorette. It is a beautifully designed remote control egg vibrator that comes in a discrete carrying case that looks like something that might contain makeup. It is a lot more than just an egg vibrator, though. Besides good looks, it has two vibrating wings that actually flutter. It won the XBiz 2020 sex toy of the year. Check out the video below of it in action. It has an app for remote control, is waterproof and USB rechargable.

Zalo Amorette
Amorette in action

Fun Factory is a German company known for their playful designs. Ocean (below left) looks like a stylized Japanese take on waves. It is pretty, pink and battery powered. The Be One (below center) is a couples vibrator. It nestles between the fingers or the labia. Two motors, 4 speeds, rechargable, waterproof. I have a great fondness for handheld vibes like this ever since I discovered a vibrator at Sharper Image that made my fingers vibrate. They are great to use on a female partner, but also great to use on a male partner, especially while giving them a blowjob while stimulating the anus, testicles, and perineum. The claim for the Manta (below right) is that it turns your penis into a vibrator. Sounds good to me. Why should vibrators have all the fun? It has six speeds and six patterns, and I would imagine it would be quite nice for blowjobs as well. Waterproof, rechargable, with a travel lock.

Fun Factory latest vibrators

Cloud 9 Novelties products brought in their big guns with their Portable Power Thruster Sex Machine With Vac-U-Lock. It was a bigger hit than they thought, apparently, as it seems like it sold out rather quickly. Another apparent hit, as it too is already sold out, is their Pro Sensual Air Touch VI G Spot Come Hither Motion Rabbit Dual Function Clitoral Suction. The name sort of says it all. We hope to write more about these in the future. I also liked the Flutter-Stimulator, which is a small vibe with a fluttering tongue at the tip.

Cloud 9 Power Thruster, Air Touch VI, and Flutter Stimulator

There is nothing like a Dame, in or out of the South Pacific. Dame is a woman run company (Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine) and it certainly shows in what they have created. What a great pairing of an engineer and a sexologist. They have a lot of cool stuff. In the photo below on the sign their slogan is “Making the world a better place one vulva at a time.”

Dame toys Arc and Pom

Fin (below center) is a nice little finger vibrator. Rechargeable and water resistant, it slides onto your finger and looks like a lot of fun to play with. Eva Two (below left) is the next generation of their signature vibe with the unique wings that tuck under the labia and hold it in place for hands free use. Kip (below right) is waterproof, rechargeable, and has 5 patterns and intensities. It differs from the standard lipstick style vibe in that it has less rounded edges to help intensify the sensations. The shape is also ergonomic to make it easier to hold in your grip.

Dame toys Fin, Eva Two, and Kip

B-Vibe won the X-Biz Marketing Campaign of the Year for a very inclusive campaign. They promote the use of anal toys in a very positive way. New for them are their line of textured plugs. They have Bump, Swirl, and Twist textures.

B-Vibe textured Butt Plugs

Blush Novelties has many lines. The Hop line focuses on rabbit vibrator variations. The Oh Bunny is a rather Seussian looking suction vibrator. The Neo Elite are glow in the dark dildos. The Aria is a big line of triple-A powered vibes. Noir is their line of BDSM themed toys all in black. It includes a ball gag, blindfold, crop, kegel balls, nipple clamps, tickler, and a carbon metallic black double penetration vibrator that is a bit intimidating.

Blush Novelties
Blush Noir

Svakom won the XBiz 2020 design award for their Siren. It is a powerful double tongue G-spot and clitoral vibe. It looks like the worlds most pleasurable clothes pin. Marin is very bendy and has three motors. My favorite, though, is the Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator. You have to look at the video below to really understand what it does.

Svakom Siren, Marin, Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator