The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

Manufacturer: Tenga  Materials:Insert Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Casing: PE Lubricant Ring: PU Lubricant Ring Lubricant: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC Size:  2.72 × 2.72 × 6.10 insertable length, 5.8”  Insertable width 2.58″   Weight: 0.29 lbs.

Testing Protocols

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There are a lot of male masturbators out there, but for shear variety, Tenga leads the pack with a lots of products featuring different types of textures. We reviewed one of their top of the line non-vibrating masturbators, the Tenga Flip Zero.

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is a more complex beasty than it appears, and you really need to see the interior view in the illustration below to get an understanding of just what you are inserting your penis into. You need to remove a sticker from the top, and then when you want the sensation of additional suction, you just put a finger over the hole.

It comes pre-lubricated with their Tenga ‘Real’ lotion. I am not sure what unreal lotion feels like. It does a pretty good job of keeping the lube from leaking out all over the place as you insert yourself into it.

After removing the sticker on top, you rip off the the thin outer covering, which leaves you with a plain white cup made from from PE. Remove the replaceable plastic cover on the bottom to reveal a hole. This is just a round hole, not something that even vaguely represents a vagina or a mouth. The hole is in a sleeve made from very soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).

They do make a larger version which amusingly has U.S. stamped on the side. I am a bit on the large side, but I did not find it uncomfortable. It has an insertion depth just under 6 inches, so I could not go all the way in. The insertion width is 1.8 inches, so it was a tight squeeze. I might have preferred the larger size, but I did like the tightness, although being this tight might decrease the sensation of the internal nubs. Since it is in a hard case, it simply is not going to stretch any larger.

With the complexity of Tenga internal shapes, describing the sensation is quite difficult, but it did feel good, and certainly a lot better than my hand. It did offer a sucking sensation, although I certainly would not confuse it with an actual blow job. Along with that sucking sensation, it also makes a slurping sound that some may find arousing, but might be annoying to your partner trying to sleep next to you.

I have seen a wide range in prices, but you should be able to find it for under $10. That might seem cheap, but this is essentially a single use item. You theoretically could get two, even three uses out of it, but it is difficult to nearly impossible to clean, and the sleeve is made from a porous material. The material inside also begins to shred with any more than a single use. So, it can be reused, sort of, but it was not intended for reuse and will not hold up that long. The bottom line is that when they say it is for single usage, that is pretty much correct.

On the positive side, when you are done, you just put the little plastic cap back on and toss it in the trash. How biodegradable it is I do not know.

Something you can do with it I would never do with a more expensive non-disposable masturbator is pop it into the microwave for ten seconds. A number of people have complained that while this feels great it also tends to feel a bit on the cold side. In a few seconds you can have it nice and toasty.

My microwave is fairly low powered , so stick your finger in it tentatively first. It is much better to have a burned finger than a burned penis. You can easily walk around with your finger in ice, but the alternative is much harder to explain, especially to co-workers.

It is also vacuum controller compatible, although I did not test that feature.

There are instructions in teeny tiny type, but I did not find them that helpful, even with the itty bitty drawings.

How you feel about disposable masturbators like this and the slightly less expensive Tenga Eggs depends upon your disposable income and how you feel about disposable products. For me, although I really liked the sensation, this would be an occasionally used toy. My ideal use would be to have one around to throw into a suitcase when I have to travel by myself.