Manufacturer: Uberlube Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethacone, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).

Testing Protocols

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Uberlube is a premium silicone lube that is expensive but is also considered by many to be the highest quality silicone lube on the market. A little goes a long way.

The one thing we have learned over many years of lube testing is that preference is very personal. This is different from water-based lubes in that it gives a long-lasting velvety slickness rather than the the wet slick sensation that can often turn sticky quickly as it dries out. It does not dry out, but the addition of moisture does seem to kick up the slipperiness a bit.

It has no smell or taste. It is like a very light oil. We’ve used a lot of different silicone lubes, and many have a tendency to stay on your skin and are difficult to wash off. This seems to absorb into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

In general, most users really liked the feeling. It transfers sensation very well. It does feel a little different, so it is best not to use it with any expectations. It may not be at all like what you are used to, but you may well find that you really like the difference.

It seems well suited to anal play, but we had one person who did not like it for that use. They were used to using something much thicker, though. In general, you might want to use a little more than you would with vaginal or penile play.

We tried out the 50 ml pump shatterproof glass bottle. It looks elegant, and if you turn the label towards the wall and leave it on your nightstand I doubt anyone would guess what it is. It could be a perfume bottle for all they know. The pump delivers a single small dose, which should be enough for most uses. It really does last a long time. We did a bit of testing and it looked like we had hardly used any.

The pump top is sealed in plastic which you can easily tear off. Unfortunately, that leaves the pump exposed, which makes it a non-starter for travel. Fortunately, they also have a travel container and refills for those on the go.

This is a high-end lubricant that is popular for other applications. For example, and I know this sounds weird, but a lot of people use it on their hair to reduce frizziness. Some also use it on their thighs to reduce chaffing when running. It works.

It has just four body safe ingredients. In general, silicone lubes like this should not be used with silicone toys, but the truth is, hardly anyone wants to destroy their toy trying to find out if that is true. We plan to do some testing on this in the near future to find out if it is actually true, as many claim that if the toy and the lube are of high quality, the toys should be fine. We plan to find out.

It is safe for use with condoms, and while in general silicone lubricants have a tendency to stain sheets, we did not have issues with this. It also easily cleaned off of toys using a toy cleaner, something that can be more difficult with other silicone lubes.

It will work in the water and in the shower. It can, however, leave the shower floor a little slippery if you get carried away so exercise a little caution there.

If lubes are important to you, and they should be, this is well worth trying out. No lube is for everyone, but this lube has a large following and may well become your favorite general purpose lube.