ANME 2020 – Games and Fun

I noticed a lot more games than usual on the show floor of the Adult Novelty manufacturer’s Expo. That was good for me, as I like games. There were also some novelty items that did not fit any other categories, so here we go.

Creative Conceptions makes a bunch of different games for adults, with a focus on couples games. They make what they claim is the number one selling sex game, in 8 languages with over 1 million sold. It is called Monogamy. That makes sense, as a lot of games have options that are only useful for the small number of people like my wife and I who play wilder versions of adult games. It puts the emphasis on communication. You can check out the Youtube video to see what it looks like (and no, it does not come with the naughty lingerie she is wearing in the video).

They have a bunch of other games, including the Fifty Shades of Grey licensed Fifty Days of Play. It comes with sealed cars and you can easily make your own cards. Our Sex Game features a board that spells out sex, just in case you need it spelled out for you. It is a die and cards based board game. You & Me is a card game featuring forfeits, which I have always found to be fun.

Creative Conceptions

We have written about Kheper Games products in the past. Having talked with the folks there, I can tell you they are passionate about games. They had a number of new offerings. Intimacy is a gender neutral board game for a couple. You move around the board as you answer personal questions and perform erotic activities. There are seven categories and when you win, you get to chose your reward coin.

It is not a game, but Sex Fortunes can easily be turned into one. It is a set of 78 Sex Fortune cards and an illustrated instruction book. It teaches you how to deal out the cards and read someone’s sexual fortune, but it is up to the two of you to make that fortune come true.

Their most topical is their emoji based game titled What the (Eggplant to Taco)? Actually, that is spelled out in emojis. You try to string emoji cards together and come up with a phrase appropriate for sexting.

They also have an edible product that is also based on emojis. It is Naughty Gummi Emojis. You’d have to take a closer look and know a little a little about emojis to get what they are. These are yummy gummi candies shaped like popular sexting emojis. You get grape-flavored eggplants, orange-flavored tacos, and peach-flavored peach candies, and sure, go ahead and share some with your mom. She probably won’t have a clue.

If a gummy less subtle is more to your taste, check out the new candies from HottProducts. They have Cummies, sperm shaped gummies, and Clit Lickers, which are clit shaped gummies.

When I was at their booth, I thought that their new colorful ball gag would make a great jawbreaker, until she explained to me that it was a jaw breaker. I should have read the packaging. The Candy Ball Gag name was definitely a clue. What a delicious way to gag someone. It is wearable, and they have a large line of rainbow edibles.