BestMassage Folding Massage Table

We are big fans of massage at Sex in Review, and long ago learned the value of having a good quality massage table. That can be a major investment, but BestMassage has an offering that should fit most budgets.

Despite being in the budget price range, it has some high end features. It is made of sturdy hardwood birch. It has two inch thick small cell foam padding topped by oil and waterproof PU leather. It also comes with a five year warranty.

It also comes with a number of items that you sometimes have to pay extra for, such as a carrying bag. It includes an adjustable headrest, two hand rests that mount along the side increasing the effective width of the table, and a hanging arm cradle. It does not come with a bolster for knee support, but there was a sheet that matches the color of the table.

I have had sex on a $500 high quality massage table with two people on the table. I am not saying you can’t do that on this table, but I personally have not. Yes, theoretically it should support two people with a combined weight of up to 450 pounds, but that is distributed weight. My concern would be when a second person gets on, putting all of their weight on just one section of the table. Massage tables are not designed for a lot of torque and back and forth motion, so if you are using it for sex with one person with their weight still on the ground, go a little gentle and avoid long, fast and hard thrusting.

I did not get any squeaks from it and it felt solid. It does slide a little on hardwood floors though.

They have just the one color- burgundy. The massage table weighs 32 lbs and the head-rest and arm accessories weigh 3 lbs for a total of 35 lbs, so it is toteable.It has an adjustable height of from 26” to 36”, and is 72” long without the face cradle and 27” wide without the arm rests.

The table was plenty wide for me without needing the arm rests. I do like having the arm cradle at the head end nstead of leaving my arms just hanging down when they are raised above my head.

Everything fits inside the table when it is folded up and put in the carrying case, although I would suggest you take a quick photo of how the attachments fit inside so you can get them back in there when you fold it up.

I found it easy to unfold, but as with any foldable item that people are going to be laying on, always check it for sturdiness and that everything has locked before you put someone on it. Also, it is a flat table. It does not have one end that raises up for back support (although there is a model that will do that but I was unable to find it.

Besides the face cradle, there is a pop-out in the other end of the table for the face. I can’t imagine using this and would use the cradle. However, I can imagine using it if the hole were closer to the mid-section of the body. That could be quite fun, but alas.

This is the best value for the price that I have seen in massage tables. The build quality is quite good, even very good, considering the price. If you are looking for an entry level table, this just might be your answer.