ANME Roundup: Sex with Power part 2

Last month we reported on many of the new products on display at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo in Los Angeles. It was an extensive report, but even then the section on battery powered toys exceeded our guideline length for articles, so we split it into two parts. This is part 2, so you might want to read part 1 if you have not yet.

Rocks-Off had a huge selection of new products. These are body safe, made with silicone, have ten functions (7 varitions, 3 levels of intensity), and are waterproof. They include the Purple Heart with a silicone heart shaped head, and Dalia, a purple vibe with a slightly curved tip.

Purple Heart and Dalia

Xchange comes with two attachments, Curve and Oval. They are similar to the above, but billed as splash proof rather than fully submersible waterproof. These are both USB rechargeable, and run up to 2 hours on a single charge. In other words, you should run out before they do. Curve is a male prostate stimulator. Oval is an anal and perinium stimulator. They come with a hand held remote control. The base with the battery comes off to be separately charged.


They also have several hard bodysafe vibes. Fully waterproof, with the same ten settings, my favorite was the Unihorn, which looks like a unicorn horn with a rounded base. I love the rainbow sheen. Little Charm is rabbit like, but the ears are large and molded together so it really has nothing to do with what we think off as a rabbit vibe. It has a beautiful green and purple sheen. There is also Atomic, a uniquely futuristic shaped vibe with a silver blue sheen.

Unihorn, Little Charm and Atomic

There are also several new additions to the RO line (the number tells you how long it is). RO-90MM Summer of Love bullet, a flashback to the peace and love of the 1970s. It is beautifully printed in three designs – Groovy Baby, California Dreamin, and Be My Bo-Ho. This type of printing on a vibe is not easy and this is very well executed.

Summer of Love – Groovy Baby, California Dreamin, and Be My Bo-Ho

The rest of these come in a metallic gold. The RO-160MM and the RO-120MM are similar, differing primarily in length. The RO-Lux has a fancier base (and 7 functions), and the RO-G-Spot has a curve at the tip for G-Spot stimulation.

RO-160MM, RO-120MM, RO-Lux, and the RO-G-Spot


Vibratex is a hero to many fans of sex toys. They saved one of the most popular sex toys of all time from oblivion. Hitachi was becoming tired of being an inadvertent sex toy manufacturer and planned to discontinue it. Vibratex acquired the rights, and brought it back to life. They also introduced a wildly popular rechargeable cordless version. That new version won the StorErotica’s “Consumer’s Choice” Award for favorite sex toy. These are adult toy manufacturer awards voted on by people in the industry. This is the only award voted on by consumers. It was well deserved.


One of things that CalExotics has done over the years is produce fully functional but inexpensive versions of the extremely popular (up there with the Magic Wand) Rabbit vibrators. They have now added a premium silicone line of rabbits in their Jack Rabbit Signature line. Each style has a signature feature — Rocking G, Thrusting and Rolling Pleasure Balls. They offer three speeds and seven functions.

Rocking G, Thrusting and Rolling Pleasure Balls

Eden includes four silicone massagers. They use two AAA batteries, with 10 vibrating patterns. Tiny Teasers are petite mini-massagers and bullets that are powered by a strong rechargeable battery and come in four designs.

Tiny Teasers – Bullet, Mini-Bullet, Bunny, and Nubby


They have a sister company, JOPEN, which introduced the new Amour line. also unveiled new products. AMOUR offers four massagers. Each item features a heart embellishment, and the USB rechargeable batteries offer seven functions of vibration with an added five speeds for each function.

Mini-G, Dual-G Wand, Wand and Remote Bullet (not to scale with the others)


BMS debuted their Touch by Swan. The new line features their PowerBullet technology (as do all of their new releases below). The Swan line is noted for the creative designs. They are made from silicone. The innovative part is their responsive touch control, which allows you to control them by swiping your finger and squeezing. You can increase the intensity just by squeezing, which is very intuitive. It has a Mimic Mode that lets you create your own vibration sequence (if I am understanding this correctly.) They will be available in purple and teal. The swan vibrators have been out for awhile, but this adds a much more sophisticated way to control them.

Pillow Talk is a line of silicone vibes that look high end but are reasonably priced. They come in soft blue and soft pink with a decorative Swarovski crystal as the control button. There are three different models.

Pillow Talk – Sassy, Cheeky, and Flirty

Commotion is a line of rabbit type vibrators with dancing beads which come in two styles. The Rhumba has an elongated set of rabbit ears on the clitoral stimulator, with 4 beads which drive up and down the shaft. The Samba has a triple pleasure point clitoral stimulator as well as a rippling pleasure system in the shaft. This is unique and will be new to consumers. They come in Plum and Raspberry colors.

Commotion –  Smaba (top) and Rhumba (bottom)


Blush Novelties showed off their new bodysafe silicone line of Aria vibrators. They come with a 5 year warranty, and there is a general trend of manufacturers offering better warranties. In the future we will put together a list of the companies with the best warranties. They are waterproof and come with ten functions. You can get Hue G, Lotus Flutter, Lucent, Vibrance and Luminance in Plum, Lime Green, Cerise, and Tangerine. Brilliant and Vivacious come in either Cersi and Lime Green, and Energy comes in Plum or Tangerine.

Hue G, Lotus Flutter, Lucent, Vibrance, Luminance, Brilliant, Vivacious, and Energy


Nasstoys showed off the Touch Extreme Vibrations, which looks fairly ordinary, but it has a secret. It has the human characteristic of getting turned on when touched. It is a quiet ten speed rechargeable silicone vibrator that is touch activated, so no messing around with buttons or dials.

Touch Extreme Vibrator

They expanded the Seduce Me Collection, adding the 3 speed waterproof silicone Seduce Me Rabbit Clit Teaser and Seduce Me Dolphin Clit Pleaser, the adjustable waterproof silicone Seduce Me Nipple Vibrators and the 4 speed ABS Seduce Me Multi Function Bullet.

Seduce Me collection- Rabbit Clit teaser, Dolphin Clit Teaser, Nipple Vibrators, Multi-Function Bullet


You think this might be the end, but we have one more end to cover, a rear end from Topco. It is the Cyberskin Elite Jackhammer Multi-Sensation Pussy and Ass, Warming. This uses their improved and more advanced Cyberskin. It has six functions of massage and vibration, the interior parts warm to body temperature, and you control it all with a wired controller. It is about as realistic as you can get without attaching the rest of the body. It also has a wired remote control. All we need now is an augmented reality set of googles that can overlay an actual woman. Until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Cyberskin Elite Jackhammer Multi-Sensation Pussy and Ass, Warming

That finally ends our AMNE coverage. Over the year, we’ll try and get some of these products in for our testing events and see how actual users respond to them and use them.


This is part of a five part series covering items of interest at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo in July.

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