ANME Roundup: Brand Spanking New

Above: Sir Richard’s Heavy Duty Cuffs

It is undeniable that the Fifty Shades of Grey book and movie series has dramatically increased the interest in BDSM products, and a number of them were being shown at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo.


The Bone Yard

The Bone Yard line from Channel 1 Releasing has their new The Spank, their first paddle, with their trademark skull embossed repeatedly on it that will leave an imprint. It is made from 100% silicone. Also new is a series of silicone cock rings (one of which is in the shape of a nut (not the squirrel kind, the screw on kind). I also thought the Skwert was interesting. I have a friend who is dating a guy very into enemas. Certainly not my thing as a group activity or something that is arousing, but I do like that part of my anatomy to be very clean. In an earth friendly example of recycling, this turns a water bottle into an enema device. Just twist on the enema adapter and you are good to go. They also have a version that screws onto a shower hose. Channel 1 Releasing puts out gay porn, so wandering about their site may make you witness to some explicit sex, just in case you are not into that sort of thing.

The Spank



England based Lovehoney introduced the Fifty Shades Freed collection as a continuation of their Fifty Shades of Grey inspired toys. The Fifty Shades Freed series is named after the book in the series, and moves beyond grey and black to offer an eye-catching combo of light rose with gold accents. The line includes vibrators, dildos, cock rings and a very attractive purple rope. While themed after a BDSM series, this does not have all that much to do with BDSM (which makes it true to the movies, which did not have much to do with actual BDSM practices either).

Fifty Shades Freed Collection


Sir Richard’s

Sir Richard’s got their start with premium, responsibly produced condoms made from all natural latex. Their latest is the Command line of male oriented BDSM gear. They include a Body Binder, Hogtie and Collar set, Suspension Cuff set, Under Mattress Bondage Straps, Harness with Hollow Strap-on, Cuff & Collar Set, Deluxe Cuff Set, Suspension Cuff Set, and Heavy Duty Cuffs. These are designed for more serious players and strong enough to hold the beefy hunks shown below. Beefy hunks not included.

Body Binder, Biceps Binder, Suspension Cuffs, Bondage Door Cuffs


Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson has jumped into the BDSM market in a really big way with their partnership with Kink and the online Kink BDSM empire at Kink may be moving out of its historical building in San Francisco to Las Vegas, but their line of BDSM products will continue to be produced in California, at one of the most venerable adult companies in the industry. Doc Johnson has been around since 1976. They introduced the Kink line last year and are now expanding it. They have two new wearable silicone butt plugs in their Signature Plug line. The base of the black plugs sport the Kink logo. We wrote about their Automatic Pussy Pump in the Sex with Power part of this series on ANME. They have a more fetishy looking version in their Kink line, along with Swell, vibrating auto nipple sucker cups which do the same thing for nipples. Each cup offers independently controlled vibrations in multiple speeds and functions. The new Silicone and Acrylic Paddle is pretty wicked looking. They also add a couple of fetishy and unique black vibrators. The Rimmer is a vibrating rechargeable silicone prostate massage with rotating ridges. There is a lot going on with this waterproof, 10 function, 3 speed vibe that has three independently controlled motors. There is also vibration in the flexible shaft that is designed for perineum stimulation. The Milker is for prostate stimulation, although it could also be used for G-spot stimulation (but certainly not both in the same session, as nothing from the anus should go straight into the vagina without thorough cleaning- including penises). It vibrates, but it does something else a bit surprising. They call it a come hither gesture, which fairly well describes the bending motion it makes near the tip that I imagine could be quite stimulating.

The Milker and the Rimmer


The Stockroom

The Stockroom is now offering a line of toys made out of silicone. Silicone is much easier to clean, is very durable, and provides an alternative for those who chose not to use animal derived products. You can get a Silicone Locking Collar, Silicone Bone Gag with Silicone Strap, Silicone Bit Gag with Silicone Strap, Silicone Ball Gag with Silicone Strap, Silicone Locking Wrist Straps, and Silicone Locking Ankle Straps.

Silicone Locking Wrist Straps



Long before Fifty Shades of Grey, no one did more for making BDSM accessible to couples than Sportsheets. Their couple friendly, safe, and well-made products have been introducing couples to BDSM play since 1993. They are a family run company with friendly and committed staff. We have long been fans. Their latest entry, though, is all wet. That is because it is an expansion of their Sex in the Shower line. I would never consider using any of my cuffs in the shower or tub, but that it is exactly what their Suction Hand Cuffs are designed for. Stick them to the tile or even a counter top (as long as the smooth surface area is at least 4”, and they will hold in place. Their new Silicone Slapper will certainly work fine around water, as will their Entry Level Waterproof Strap-On Harness. You would definitely want to use a lube with the harness, specifically, a lube designed to stand up to water. Sportsheets have a new Shower Gel Lube designed to work in water. These types of lubes are generally silicone based, which means they can’t be used with silicone dildos. The label says that it is water based so it should be safe with silicone toys, which are all that we would personally use with a strap-on. I do wish that they had an ingredient list on their site. They also offer a number of waterproof sex toys, but those sorts of items have been around for quite awhile.

Waterproof Cuffs


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