ANME Roundup: Sex with Power

Vibrators account for almost 20% of the entire adult marketplace. Every summer the adult novelty manufacturing industry announces their new product lines for the summer and fall, and kick things off with a trade show in Los Angeles known as the ANME Founder’s Show. This was their 21st year.

In this article we will focus on the new battery powered and rechargeable and plug-in devices at the show, and there were enough new products to make your head spin (or at least vibrate a bit). This is far from everything I saw, just the items that caught my eye. There were so many new vibrators at the show that it was a little overwhelming.



England based Lovehoney introduced several new lines. The Official Broad City Pleasure Collection is based on the Broad City television series, the popular Amy Poehler executive produced Comedy Central show with a fourth season coming September 13th. It stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who created the show originally as a web series, and deals frankly and humorously with sexual issues, including a major plot line with a high-end dildo.

Their most popular items, according to company Sabrina Earnshaw, are “the In the Mood mint green lipstick vibrator, inspired by character Ilana’s pre-masturbation ritual of putting on green lipstick, the Nature’s Pocket kegel balls, as seen in the iconic scene of the show where Ilana store her stash, and The Pegasus pegging kit, based on Abbi’s notorious pegging scene.”

They also launched their new tokidoki Series. This collection of six mini vibes feature skeletons, skulls and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) designs.

tokidoki Bullet Vibes


Fun Factory

The Abby G from Fun Factory gives you the best of both worlds. It is rechargeable with AAA rechargeable batteries, and when those run down, you can just pop in some AAA batteries and you are good to go. The charger is smart enough to know not to try and charge regular batteries. The toy itself has a unique shape, a very strong motor, and is made of silicone. They claim it is the most powerful battery powered toy on the market. It is designed for g-spot stimulation, and has 4 speed and six patterns.

Abby G multispeed vibrator



The Eva hands-free vibrator made a name for Dame as it was clearly one of the most unique vibrators we have come across, with a design like nothing else. It has little extensions that let it literally lock onto the vulva with the vibration against the clit. You can then have hands free sex (and by that I mean you can use your hands for something more interesting than holding a vibrator). It is a three speed water-resistant rechargeable silicone toy. The latest creation from this women founded and run company is Fin, a small vibrator that clips between your fingers, and can be held securely using the optional tether that easily comes off to give you an easy to hold small vibrator. It has three speeds, is rechargeable via USB, and is water resistant.

Fin hand held vibrator

ft London

We have not written about ft London before, which is a shame because they are a very interesting company that has been around since 2012 making some very interesting and original products. Their initial product, the G-vibe, is one of the most unique vibes I have ever seen. Company founder Jack Romanski was an engineer specializing in silicone elements for the space industry, which I guess helps explain why his products are out of this world. He did the engineering and teamed up with erotic designer Elena Mirosedina for the exterior design. Their latest are the Geisha Balls 2, a five stage training system for kegel exercises, and G Pop, which has a magnetic charger and is designed to stimulate at the same time the female g-spot and the male p-spot ( a rather horrible name, in my opinion, for the prostate). The most interesting to me, though, is the G-jack 2. Made with their new bioskin material. it is waterproof, magnetically charged, and has six settings with variable intensity. The grip at the end makes it very easy and comfortable to hold in your hand. One of the features they have been adding to their products that I really really like is the travel lock. I have had vibrators go off in my luggage and it was embarrassing.

G-jack 2

Jimmy Jane

Jimmy Jane always seems to be pushing the envelope with high end vibrators and creative concepts. They won Luxury Toy Line of the Year for their ASCEND line of flexible vibrators at the StorErotica Awards. This summer they introduce three new collections. First up is the three different Love Pods. Halo looks like no other vibrator. Ball shaped but flat at one end, it features what they call cyclonic vibration that creates a circular motion sensation across three tips embedded in the lip. Coral looks like a seashell and flicks the vibration back and forth between two tips. Om is egg shaped, but they refer to it as a lotus blossom which is a more accurate description.

Love Pods: Coral in its recharging cradle, Halo, and Om

So, if all that is not creative enough for you, there is the new Revolve line. These are massage rollers that vibrate. Rol-o is the most traditional of the massage rollers. Sol-o is a similar idea but with a handle. Du-o is I think where most of our readers want to see this go. Yes, the wheel vibrates, but the handle also has its own vibrator for an inner and outer massage.

Evoke: Rol-o, Sol-o and the insertable Du-o

But wait! There is more. JimmyJane is not done with us yet. They have Rabbits. Not the kind that pop out of top hats, but the kind that give luscious orgasms. Glo Rabbit gives you vibration, its waterproof, and it is also warming up to 104 degrees. I also liked how flexible the shaft and clitoral extension were, and that there are two motors. The Ruby Rabbit is similar but it lacks the heating and has ears that are fused together. The G-Rabbit is shorter for easier G-spot stimulation. It dispenses with the ears entirely and provides a larger extension designed for simultaneous clitoral and labia stimulation.

Rabbits:  G-Rabbit, Glo Rabbit, Ruby Rabbit

Quiet, body-safe waterproof, rechargeable- all three of these new lines with a total of nine items have the high end features you would expect, plus very original designs. Then there is the big news, in that it is the biggest of the new items. The Rumble Seat is a vibrating saddle for women that they ride, with intense vibration and five intensity levels controlled by the wired remote. It does plug-in, which is the only way you can get an experience this intense.

The Rumble Seat


Femme Fun

Femme Funn is another very creative company that makes high end vibrators. They have voice activated vibrators, their uniquely shaped Funn Buddies, and a bluetooth controllable vibrator. Joining their lineup is Marley, a wireless, remote controlled vibrator with an internal variable heating function and 7 modes of vibration.






Sex machines have been notoriously expensive, but Pipedream introduced one of the least expensive machines I have seen to date. It is called The Bigger Bang. It does offer a lot of bang for the buck. I really like the stylish design. Unlike most machines of this type that just thrust back and forth, this also allows for rotation, and both can be at the same time and controlled independently. I also like that it has a wireless remote, letting you control it from anywhere in the room. The design allows you to lay it on its back to thrust up, or lay it straight up and down so that it thrusts forward. It comes with two dildos that attach to the thrusting head, a blindfold, body lotion and toy cleaner. It even comes with a travel bag, as its relatively small size makes it easy to tote around. If this is as good as it appears, this could make a real splash in the sex machine space.

Perhaps something a little smaller is more your speed. The Crush line includes a variety of silicone vibrators with single button operation that cycles through the 10 settings of vibration, pulsation and escalation. It even remembers the last setting you used when you turn it on again. The price is highly competitive for these creative designs. They are also waterproof, which is a tricky design accomplishment for a wired bullet like vibrator. There are six vibes in the collection. Precious has two flexible rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. Snuggles has two vibrating bullets that can rest on each side of the clitoris for intense stimulation. Buttercup has a ribbed design and a tip that can be inserted (just don’t insert it all the way lest it get away from you). Blossom also has a tapered tip for insertion and textured ridges. Snooky reminds me of the head of a snail with its two antennae like tips. The flexible bulbous tips could be very effective for clitoral stimulation as well as vulva stimulation.


Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson had a very good show, winning Pleasure Products Company of the Year overall and Fetish Company of the Year for their relatively new Kink line at the StorErotica Awards. Their new Automatic Pussy Pump provides suction for the entire vulva area. It also has multi-function vibration. Because of the suction, it holds itself in place so it can be used hands free. Pussy Pumps that you pump up by hand with a suction bulb are not new, but the automation and vibration are, at least to me. It is designed to create a strong seal and it has a quick release. The cup itself is made from silicone, and it recharges easily through USB.


So, is that enough? Is your head filled with vibration? Well, we are far from done, so let’s pick up our ANME vibrator coverage next month in Part 2, with many more interesting vibrators.


This is part of a five part series covering items of interest at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo in July.

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