Coochy Shaving Creme

Manufacturer Classic Erotica (Holiday Products) Ingredients Made with Hair & Skin Softening Agents; Jojoba Seed Oil skin lubricating/moisturizing; Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 nutrient for skin; Allantoin anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant; Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin protein

Testing Protocols

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Both men and women are now shaving their most intimate areas, for a variety of reasons. However, this procedure does not always go as smoothly as you might wish. This shaving creme can help.

Personally, I like it when women shave. It is just that much easier for me to get where I want to go. I also really like the shaved look. Whether shaved completely bald, or with just a little racing stripe, I find it much sexier. It is common in adult films, and I have noticed a lot more shaved women at nudist clubs. It is very common among swingers.

I find the oft used argument that men like shaved vaginas because it makes women look like children both ridiculous and insulting. It is like saying that women like men without beards because they want them to look like boys. Adult bodies are different from child bodies, with or without hair. Puberty adds much more than just body hair.

Shaving the genitals is nothing new. Take a look at some of the late 19th century photographs in our Photography Gallery that is part of our Sexual Heritage Preservation Project, and you will view a surprising number of women who shaved. In the Middle East, historically it was common for all women to shave, and it has been common in other cultures as well. The way they shave in the Middle East is a bit scary, though, as they use a piece of string. This was described to me by a Persian girlfriend, who offered to show me, but I passed.

I had to shave my balls for the the first time when I went in for a vasectomy, and I found that it made them more sensitive. The girls also seemed to like it, and I noticed that they were spending a little more time on that very sensitive part of the body. Consequently, I now shave them pretty regularly. Some men feel that shaving off all of their pubic hair makes their penis look larger.

For many people, a good razor is the tool of choice. Especially when you first get started, razor burn and those little irritated bumps can be a problem. Using this shaving cream does help. The blade seemed to glide a little smoother, and it did seem to cut down on the irritation. Your mileage may very, as everyone seems to be a little different depending on the sensitivity of their skin, the thickness of their hair, and other factors. If you have had irritation problems in the past, or are concerned about them when you try it the first time, this product may help.

Coochy Rash Free Shaving Cream has been around for many years. The packaging is a lot more sophisticated looking than it used to be, even if the name is not. It is Paraben-Free, Sugar-Free, and Sulfate-Free. It also comes in a lot more scents: Oh So Original (light floral scent), Slick Chic Pear Berry, Naked Silk Green Tea, Playful Plumeria, Sassy Citrus (grapefruit, orange blossom), Make Me Blush (sweet pea, blue violet, white cedar), Frosted Cake, Feelin’ Sassy (bergamot, black pepper, lavender, rosemary with soft woodsy tone) and Tropical Tease (coconut, satsuma oranges, vanilla sugar, violet, evening jasmine, sheer musk), and Not So Innocent Fragrance Free. A single bottle will last a long time. Their 16 oz. three pack would probably last a couple of years.

This is also not limited to use on just one area. You do have to use it properly, though. Don’t use it in the shower, as it will wash off. Put it on and let it set for a minute or two so that it can soften the hair

If you have really coarse hair you may still get a little bit of a rash but over a short period of time of continued shaving that should settle down and leave you quite smooth. It contains Allantoin, an anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant that helps prevent shave bumps. It does seem to be superior to regular shaving cream. No product works for everyone, but based on our testing, for most users, it should leave you rash free and with smooth and soft skin.

If you do shave your genitals, you should be aware of the issue of ingrown hairs. In many years of shaving, I have only had this happen once, but if you don’t know what it is, it can be potentially alarming. I noticed a big red hard bump on my penis. Fortunately, I did not panic as I knew what it was and that it was not an STD. You can even get an ingrown hair on vaginal lips. It is painful. If this happens to you, look up ingrown hair on the Internet to confirm that that is indeed what the issue is (we are not offering medical advice here). Normally it goes away on its own, but in some cases you do need to see a doctor.