Screaming O ColorPop Fingo

Manufacturer: Screaming O Material: SEBS sleeve, ABS plastic bullet Size: length 2.4″ width 1″ not insertable Hardness: 23 Loudness: 29 dB Weight: 1.25 oz. Batteries: 3 LR44 Colors: Orange, Pink

Testing Protocols

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In Our Back to Basics: Bullets and Magnums article in May, we talked about how ubiquitous and useful bullet vibrators were. Now we look at a specific bullet based product, the ColorPop Fingo from Screaming O.

It is basically a bullet vibrator with a stretchy sleeve that holds it, and a ring to insert your finger. So, why would you even want this when you can just hold the vibrator in your hand? In fact, it has a number of advantages. We strongly recommend using lube with sex toys, but that also makes your fingers slippery, making it more difficult to hold on to small vibrators like this. This holds the vibe right against your finger, giving you a lot of control. If you need to grab more lube, you don’t have to worry about setting it down and possibly losing it in the bed.

It has a strong motor, but it is not powerful enough to vibrate your finger. You need to hold the vibe against the clit to really get traction with this, as you might expect with such a small vibrator.

It comes in orange and pink neon colors, and you can also purchase it in a two pack. It is very inexpensive, and is considered a disposable vibrator, although it is reusable and does come with a second set of batteries and you can buy more. Each set of batteries gives you about 30-45 minutes of vibration, so with the second set you get about an hour to an hour and a half. How long the batteries will last depends on how you use it, of course.

Buying a set of six AG13 Screaming O branded batteries costs almost as much as the vibrator itself. You can find much better deals from other vendors.

It has three intensity settings and a pulsation setting. This might be a good place for a word about intensity settings. Some of us (like me) like to keep changing the settings, because we can. However, for many women, they are happiest if you find the setting that they like and leave it there.

It has tiny nubs at the end. This means that a very light touch provides little tingles, while a heavier touch has a slightly different effect.

One of the things I noticed during testing was that with all of the fingers free, the fingers of the user were able to make much more skin contact with the person on the receiving end. That does not happen when you have to hold the bullet.

We did not test the smaller ColorPop Fingo Tips, which are designed to be worn right on the tip of the finger.

So, I know the inevitable question. If you can put it on your finger, can you also put it on a penis? We got a volunteer penis with a fairly decent girth, and the ring fit just fine. Keep in mind though that vibrating cock rings use vibrators about a third this size. The ring just did not hold the vibrator tightly enough against the penis, and of course, it is too big to have sex with it on. Call this a failed test for an application this vibrator was not designed for. Screaming O does make a vibrating cock ring, and next month we’ll do a comparison with it and two other vibrating cock rings.

Overall, we got a positive response with this from our female tester. It is an inexpensive fun toy that is worth giving a try.