The EU Halloween Party

Halloween is a big deal around here. Here we’ll give you tons of ideas you can use for your own Halloween party, plus take you on a tour of the sexily spooky decorated theme rooms.

You’ll find some very entertaining Halloween themed content in the Student Union on our Erotic University virtual campus. All you need do is sign up for a free one year pass (no credit card required).  There is a monster dating site with profiles of monsters with pictures and videos in their attempt to meet and score with other monsters (and those who love them). You’ll also find Halloween themed music and videos.

The main event, though, is Jeff and Kris Booth’s annual Halloween sex party. It is a costume party with themed areas where people can have sex, along with many themed areas for socializing. Only a privileged few get an invite, but here we take you behind the scenes of this epic party and reveal a few secrets on how you can adapt some of the ideas to your own party.

Click on any of the theme images below to learn more.


There are two Jacuzzi areas. The first is surrounded by tropical plants and is done up in a pirate theme.


Darkwater Falls is the second Jacuzzi, further to the back of the property and somewhat dark.


This is a scary play room. You’d have to be crazy to want to have sex here.


Our outdoor zombie themed bar is a social area that includes a number of full sized zombie figures. The idea is that like a gay bar, it is a place where zombies can feel accepted and meet other zombies.


Zombies have to come from somewhere, and this area explains it all.


The lab features a lot of things to look at, from technology to glowing potions. This is also an area where people can have sex.


The Haunted Parlor is one of the main socializing areas, along with the dining and outdoor areas.


Go ahead- click on the door. We dare you!


The graveyard is about a lot more than just a bunch of stiffs.


The dungeon is a play area that strongly appeals to those interested in BDSM.


The Treat Room is a play room that has sweets and sex toys, the least scary room in the place.


Some people prefer a little privacy, so we set aside this one private small space with room just for two.


This is a largest play area, with Egyptian themed decorations.


The theme for the dining area, which also includes a number of unusual display cabinets.


The kitchen  is used for preparing food for the main dining area.


There are several bathrooms and each one gets a theme.


Here is a collection of different ideas for decorating bathrooms for a Halloween party that we have used in year’s Past.

batroomThe Bat Room is one of our regular themes, and this year every bathroom had a variation on the Bat Room theme.

Draculasthroneroom1Dracula’s Throne Room is vampire themed.

Photo Credits: All photos by Jeff Booth. Original Halloween graphics by Jeff Booth.