AEE – This is Not a Toy

There are a lot more than just sex toys at the show Adult Novelty Expo held as part of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. These fit into various categories, such as jewelry, lotions, lubes, health items, and novelties.

Wicked had the figures pictured above as part of their Print Your Porn Star service, which they were demoing. They had the whole scanner there to do a full body scan.  It is a partnership between Wicked and Memento 3D, and they come in 1:15, 1:10, and 1:7 scale. These are highly detailed. There is a large collection of Wicked Girls and many other adult stars.  They are full color sandstone printed using a 3D printer.

Kum Klean Soaps makes the classic dick on a rope soaps in orange, green, blue and purple unscented, and cherry pie scented red and roasting chestnuts scented gold. Yes, for the size queens, there are all 9 inches. As with any soap, they are for external use only. They also make a penis that holds liquid soap and squirts it out of exactly where you might think. They have a Scrub my Kitty soap in the shape of (wait, you are getting ahead of me) an actual kitty. It is actually a cartoonish kitty, but it will get you quite clean as they make high quality soap.

Kum Klean penis shaped soap

Aneros is a leader in prostate stimulation products. They have added the EVI to their lineup, designed for Kegel Fitness with Orgasmic Incentives. This award winning vibration free design stimulates the G-Spot and the clitoris while exercising your Kegels. Their web site explains a little about the importance of kegel exercises, and you’ll find additional information in our Erotic University Athletic Department.

Aneros EVI Kegel Exerciser

The male penis seems to have a mind of its own and its own way of seeing things. Thanks to the Cock Cam, you’ll finally be able to see the penis’ point of view. The product is coming soon- the Web site was not up yet when I checked. It is a tiny sub $100 camera that attaches to the penis.

Sapphires Exotic Creations features erotic jewelry. They have nipple chains, nipple jewelry, sexy body accents, with both pierced and non-pierced and with designs for both men and women. They have original designs, and their prices are extremely competitive. I like their couple logo design.

Polys Pleasures is another good source for sexy jewelry. They have the expected naval and nipple jewelry, and you’ll want to check out the adults only eye candy section with some very sexy chainmail tops. With clothing and accessories, they are worth checking out.

While Novel Erotics does offer sex toys, the novelty is in the way they store them- inside novels. They offer large hardbound books with titles such as Hotel Affair and The Rendezvous. They are hollowed out and filled with sex toys. The latest edition to the collection is Indulgence, which contains a Mimi AlaMode luxury eye mask, Sandalwood bubble bath, bath bomb, and a waterproof bullet vibe. Each novel has a different collection of products.

Novel Erotics

As is usual, there were lots of lubes available in the incredibly competitive lube market. Wicked went all in with a large line. Flavors include Peppermint Cocoa, Candy Apple, Cinnamon Bun, Cordial Cherry, Pomegranate, Mocha Java, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean. They use stevia for sweetness. They also have the Ultra silicone based line.

JO had a street vendor style cart with their Gelato line, featuring flavors such as Creme Brulee, Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut Espresso, Salted Caramel, and Tirmisu. Between Wicked and Jo, oral sex will be like a visit to an Italian cafe but with more genitals. They also have tons of other lube items,  including their Natural Love with Chamomile and Strawberry Fields flavors (for the tea drinkers).

Bad Dragon had Cum Lube. Usually the lubes that look like cum are hybrids, but these are water based. They do have the stringiness of cum, and there is also a clear version.

Migliori Products makes Migliori, a premium silicone-based lubricant with vitamins A, B6, D3, and E. This is the first vaginal lube I have seen that also claims to tame fly-aways, and we are talking hair here, not partners who run off. Keep in mind this is not a product we have tested, but the manufacturer claim that it makes hair shiny, and you can apply it to tender areas before a workout to help prevent chafing and blisters.


Ever wanted to go to a sex party in disguise? You could always wear a merkin. It would not disguise your face like a beard would, but they are mostly used by women. If you are looking for quality European made fake pubic hair, also known as a downstairs toupee, the place you need to check out is Merkins. They have the largest selection I have ever seen. From shapes to shags, you’ll find almost anything you can imagine.


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