Adult Entertainment Expo – Sex Toys

above: A selection of vibrators from FemmeFun at the Adult Novelty Expo


The Adult Novelty Expo is part of the Adult Entertainment Expo. This year it was hidden away in the back and took us awhile to find. Once there, a huge array of sex toys were spread out before us. We wandered about looking for new sex toys.

As you might know, Fleshlight makes versions of their hugely popular male masturbators molded from porn stars vaginal lips. One of the reps told me a very upsetting story about that. Some of the adult stars had made so much money from their Fleshlight version that they retired from porn. So, to my favorite porn stars, and you know who you are, stay away from the Fleshlight people. I’d miss you if you went away.

New from Fleshlight is Turbo, a whole new take on the Fleshlight concept. It theoretically does a better job of mimicking a blowjob. It does not have the typical mouth lips or vaginal lips, but shapes that only a picture can do justice to.  They also had a new product called Launch, and you can read about it in the AEE Interactive Section.

Fleshlight Turbo

The MotorBunny is a high quality competitor to the Sybian but at a lower cost. The Sybian is one of the most famous sex toys of all- a saddle that you ride with control over the vibrations either by the rider or an enthusiastic assistant. The MotoBunny comes with four attachments, additional optional attachments, tie-down points, and a bit more oomph than the original Sybian. It also comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. Their site offers this good advice which I would never have thought of- never use this on a water bed. If you think about it, if the bed bursts, everyone dies. Excellent advice. If you are thinking about a Sybian, it is definitely worth a look.


As you walk down the aisles there are always a number of company names that just stop you in your tracks. Dildo of the Day was one of those. If there actually was a place that let you sign your lover up for a dildo of the day club where they got a new one in the mail each day, I am not sure that what that would say about your relationship. This is not that. The company actually started out as sort of a Daily Deal for adults, with close-out, over-stock and discontinued sex toys on special for cheap, and they still do that. The company has evolved, and now one of the things they do is help other companies get their products successfully on Amazon. One of the companies they have been working with is a company in Seattle called Happy Place Products. They have the Go-Go Glider, invented by owner Julie Conner. It is made from very high quality materials, and offers a different type of stimulation. It can also be used as a kegel exerciser. It is unlike anything we have seen, so we can’t tell you how well it works, but it is definitely intriguing. It offers a double thrust with two different stimulators that enter the vagina at the same time and provide different forms of stimulation.

Go-Go Glider at Dildo of the Day booth

Nasstoys is a major adult novelty company that has been around for over 40 years. One of their latest products releasing in January is the Surrenda Enhanced Oral Vibe. Oral vibes are nothing new, but they have also been a little problematic. They had to be very small, which meant fairly low vibration, and you had to have a way to attach them inside your mouth (although the best solution was the one that your wore like a tongue stud in an existing tongue piercing. The Surrenda takes a different approach. It is U shaped and fits along the side of the mouth, with half inside and half outside the mouth. It is rechargeable and stylish. We’ll have to wait and see if they have created the ultimate oral vibrator.

Shibari showed off their new Hello Sexy line of vibrators. The Power Massager is like a Magic Wand but curved, which makes it easier to use on yourself. It has 20 combinations of speed and vibration, and is wireless and rechargable. The Shimoji Wireless massager has 6 frequency pulsations and 3 adjustable speeds, and comes in black with a Panda Bear face, pink with a happy fave, and purple with an OMG emoticon face. It is designed for g-spot stimulation and is waterproof. Theya re known for their many Magic Wand variations.

Vibratex’s Mystic Rechargable is somewhat similar to the Shibari Power massager, in that it has a curved handle and is cordless and rechargeable. They claim it is splash proof, which I assume is a euphemism for squirt proof. It has a silicone head.

If anything could cause vibrator envy it would be the luxurious high end Magic Wand style vibrators from Doxy. They have more power than the Magic Wand and more settings and a better controller. Yes, it has a cord, but it is ten feet! I love the inset buttons. They have a basic Doxy massager, but I only have eyes for the Doxie Die cast. This comes with either an aluminum or titanium polished metal handle. You can also get them in metallic colors. The head and neck are made of silicone. This is not a cheap knock off but a high end luxury version. They say that their design makes it thuddier at the higher vibration settings. I have not tested it, but I could go for this sweetheart on looks alone. They are so sexy.

The Doxie Die Cast

Clone a Willy has been the long time leader in do it yourself kits for casting your own penis (or one of a friend) in silicone. The kits come on light, medium, deep, milk chocolate and jet black colors, as well as hot pink, neon purple, green blue, and pink glow in the dark. They even come with motors that you can mold inside to turn them into vibrators. One nice addition is the ability to buy molding powder separately.

They are rebranding their Clone-a-Pussy kits as a product for female empowerment. This is a great idea, although it could be a problem in Japan. Check out our review of What is Obscenity?, a personal account of an artist in Japan who was arrested for making molds of her vulva and a full size vulva canoe. She has been one of the leaders in the world in using the vulva in art as a form of female empowerment.

KamaSutra is well known for their excellent sensual products, and you’ll find many of them reviewed on this site, but they are not known for vibrators. They are working to change that. Each of their new vibrators is named after a different Indian dance under the Rythm name. My photographer was very impressed with Chari, the smallest of their vibrators. One of the features that impressed her most was that the 7 different settings changed the color of the light on the button. If she had a favorite setting, she could just ask for it from her partner by calling out the color. It has twin motors, one in each adjustable ear. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and quiet. In the picture below, the heads on the left are two of the three attachments that come with the Bhangra, a wand style vibrator. The attachments come on and off easily. It has seven rhythms and 5 intensities.

New KamaSutra vibrators- Chari is on the right

LuvRydr is a harness that attaches to your partner’s upper body leaving you with a bar to hold which is large enough for one or two hands. It does not seem designed for the BDSM crowd, but the possibilities re there. It basically puts your partner in harness and let’s you ride them. They claim it enhances bow job, doggie style, and the missionary position (which I always thought could use some enhancement).


Topco always has many new items. We reviewed the Climax Bunnies in their Climax line, and they have added a number of new Climax items. They have a Pink Ice and Purple Ice Climax strap-ons, and the Climax Flight vibrator in pink and blue. The Climax Flight is a rabbit style vibrator with ten speeds and 7 rotation patterns. It is also waterproof. They are also competing aggressively in the personal masturbator market, with a line of 8 Penthouse branded signature Cyberskin strokers molded after Layla Sin, Dani Daniels, Ryan Ryans, Jenna Rose, Stella, Laly, Nicole Aniston, and Marica Hase, (and no, I did not misspell her name- it is not Marcia but Marica, a Japanese AV adult star and Penthouse model with some 200 works under her belt.)

One of the products that was unlike anything I had seen before was the Mimic from Clandestine Devices. The shape is designed to be an extension of the hand. It sort of looks like a stingray, without the sting of course. From a different angle it looks a little like a tongue. This is one of those items that is intriguing but you just don’t know what it feels like. They really discourage you from trying out items in the show aisles as they were intended to be used. It has 8 vibrations, is waterproof, and USB rechargeable.


Speaking of unusual, Bad Dragon has some of the most unusual products in the adult toy industry. We mentioned them in our Halloween article Scary Sex Toys, and it was great to meet them in person. They turned out to be a great bunch of creative people. As you can see from the picture below, they have wildly imaginative designs. If you enjoy strangely organic looking sex toys and out of this world textures, you really should visit their web site.

Bad Dragon

FemmeFunn also had a lot of original designs that remind me of the style of the German Fun Factory. One of the items they were showing was the Booster Rabbit, which they promote as having vortex motion. It has a booster button and an orgasm button. It is cordless, rechargeable, and also very quiet (at least it is, I am assuming, until you press the orgasm button, when hopefully things do get a bit loud).

FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit

One of the unique aspects of the show is that you get to see products that are not yet on the market. True, some may never make it to market, but it seems like the majority do. One that was quite far away from release and still looking for funding was the Love Box. It is a portable adjustable structure that can support a couple (or more) in a large variety of ways. You saw it here first (and hopefully not last).

The Love Box

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