The BDSM community was well-represented at the Adult Entertainment Expo. presented the Lair, a special area where they did BDSM demonstrations as pictured above. We also learned the news that will be leaving the famous Armory building in San Francisco, at least as far as shooting adult goes. The drop in revenues in the adult industry made it impossible to support the huge 200,000 square foot building. Tours of the basement sets will continue as the building is repurposed, but eventually all the adult sets will be gone and the tours will focus on the historic aspects of the building.

The good people of Sportsheets, a family run company, were there with their latest. The Midnight line brings some elegance to BDSM toys. They have masks, a Bling Flogger, a Metal Bunny and Silicone Bunny Butt Plug, two new multi-function vibes- Violet 10 and Lavendar 10, Nipple Clamps with the option of Pearl Chain, Bling, Teardrop, and Black Jeweled decorative elements, a lot of items with a lace pattern design including a Blindfold, Cuffs, Strap-on, Collar and Leash, and Paddle, and a Jeweled Chain Tickler. As is typical with Sportsheets, these are all quality products.

Sportsheets Midnight Line

I absolutely loved the whips and floggers from Justin Sayne Leather. I have not seen anything like them. The alligator whips, slappers and paddles are a little terrifying, but that may be just what you are going for. These are super premium products, and the chances are you’ll be the only pervert on the block with one.

Justin Sayne Leather’s Alligator whips

I also really like the items from Leather by Danny. He makes his own stuff, he is very innovative, and the workmanship is of very high quality. His Original Grip Cuffs have a built-in handle the submissive can grip, relieving stress from the wrist. His LBD Blindfold is thick with a foam liner, but the liner has been cut out around the eyes so the blindfold does not mess up eye makeup. The LBD Classic Split Thumper separates at the handle and can be opened up to use as a come-along. An opened up pink thumper can be seen in the picture below with the magnetic closures. They can also do custom laser engraving on most of their items. I had a chance to chat with Danny and the thing I appreciate is that he is constantly trying to figure out better ways to make things, and make items more versatile.

Leather by Danny products

I also really enjoyed talking to the guys at Spartacus Leathers. What impressed me was the pride they take in the quality of their craftsmanship. This Portland based company has been around for many years producing handmade items made from American tanned top grain leather which is hand stitched. I got to look at many of their items and they really have maintained a high level quality. They have been having much success with their new line of items in white. They also make excellent nipple clamps, in a variety of sizes. They are rated by tolerance (the submissive’s, not the dom’s) so that you can get the one that is right for an experienced pain slut or a relative newbie, as well as in between. They have a set of magnetic weights that make it easy to add just amount of weight you want.

Nipple Clamps with magnetic weights

I have not thought much about cock cages until I hit the booth of CB-X. They have spent a lot of time thinking about them. They claim to be the world leader in male chastity, although I thought that title went to Crocks. Their clear plastic cock cages are quite stylish, for a cock cage. Actually, they have quite a variety of stylish cock cages. They include rings and spacers so that you can easily custom fit them. They even have plastic locks so you can go through a metal detector- and I understand the locks are prick proof.

CB-X Cock Cage

I was happy to see Irene Boss and her husband at the show. Their MIB Promedia has been creating femdom videos since 1994. They are currently releasing 2 new releases every 2 months, a schedule which is reasonable enough to ensure their level of quality. Irene has degrees in Fine Arts and Video Production from Carnegie Mellon. I’ve met Irene a few times at shows and always found her very engaging. She also really knows what she is doing, and if FemDom videos are your cup of tea, then you will want to put the kettle on and get some of her videos (and yes, it is a tortured metaphor, but this is an article about BDSM products- or rather it was, because now it is over).

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