Sweetheart Films vod

Sweetheart Video has been around since 2008. They are a Canadian company founded by American adult star Nica Noelle and Jonathon Blitt that specializes in lesbian erotica.

Nica started out as a writer for adult and underground magazines. She began performing in porn, and did some videos for lesbian erotica giant Girlfriends Films. She decided to launch her own company, and up until 2011, Nica wrote and directed all of the Sweetheart Video productions. She continues to direct and write, and you can find examples of her writing on the Huffington Post. I suggest you Google what she has written there as it is quiet interesting.

Lesbian porn is different from heterosexual porn. There are a whole lot less penises, and when there are any, they are not attached to a man. There tends to be more intimacy and kissing. There is more variety in body type. The scenes are also quite different from heterosexual porn featuring “lesbians.” I like both Girlfriend Films and Sweetheart Video because they offer a more realistic view of how women interact with each other, as opposed to the male fantasy of how women interact together.

To be fair to Nica, she has made it clear that she does not consider her work strictly for women. While she clearly understands the lesbian market, she self-identifies as bisexual. She says that she makes adult films for human beings, and considering the diversity of sexual desire, that is a pretty reasonable statement. Some will love her work and the style she established for Sweetheart Video, and others will not, and it is not specifically a gender related issue.

While you can purchase videos from Sweetheart Films (they are distributed by Mile High media), you probably will want to check out their Streaming site. They currently offer a $2.95 three day trial membership. Of course, as with almost every single streaming service, if you don’t cancel, it will renew automatically at the full monthly fee, which is $24.95. A three month subscription knocks it down to $19.95 a month, and a year brings it down to $9.95 a month. Go there right now and they have a promotion offering 50% off. You get unlimited downloads and 1080p streaming. No 3D or VR as far as I could tell.

You also get access to additional sites, which they describe as “the real world scenarios of Reality Junkies, female friendly & couples erotica from Sweet Sinner, amateur & taboo bisexual encounters from Doghouse Digital, plus bonus Mile High Selection content that we’ve specially handpicked.” So, if it turns out that lesbian porn is not your thing, you still have plenty of other options to watch. There is also quite a bit of men with other men and women 257 at latest count), so you will have plenty of variety. There are orgy scenes (something much less common in lesbian videos- in fact a search on Sweethearts Videos turned up 0 results), a little more than a handful of T-girl scenes, and here is a statistic I really like- 4,288 scenes were tagged with natural breasts. With the general diversity of this conglomerate of porn, I was surprised that there were only 13 pegging scenes. Isn’t that a big thing now?

They currently state that they have over 3,500 scenes on the site. There are actually a lot more than that, as it is difficult to keep up when you add new scenes weekly. In their tagged listing, besides the natural breasts, there were just shy of 4,000 brunette tagged scenes. These numbers are for everything on the site, which includes the companion sites that are included in the membership. For just the Sweethearts Films entries, it looks to be just shy of 1,000 scenes.

I do wish I could display tags just for Sweetheart Films. There was a tag new to me- Tribbing. This is just a new term for what used to be called scissoring, which is where two women grind their vulvas together. The more you know.

Before you even pluck down your dollars, all of the bundled sites show free 60 second (or around that) promo trailers for the scenes so you can get a better idea of what they are about. Some streaming services offer this but also limit the number you can watch. I kept clicking without being logged in and did not seem to reach a limit.

As is usually the case, the videos in HD (1080p) look very good. The only time you generally find sites with poor quality video is when they archive pre-HD videos, and there is not much they can do about that. There were a few where the audio could have been mixed a bit louder.

There are a number of popular themes on Sweetheart Videos. Girls kissing girls is, of course, very popular. Another trend I have noticed in the lesbian genre in general has been older women with younger women, and it is well represented here. There are many scenarios that incorporate this, but a growing one involves the taboo of step-mothers. Another popular taboo is step-sisters. There is some BDSM, but it tends to be on the softer side.

Diversity is important to me, and Sweetheart Videos could do better. There were only 64 scenes featuring Asian women. Black resulted in just 32 scenes, although there were more listings when I used the rather retro Ebony search term, where it listed 95 scenes. Hispanic turned up 0 results. Maybe that is representative in Canada, but not so much where I live. Admittedly, it is better than some adult companies, where people of different races having sex is considered a niche category. Still Hispanics are 17% of the population in the U.S., and in California where I live, the numbers are much higher, at close to 40 percent.

How do they compare to their closest competitor, Girlfriends Films? I like both a lot. Sweetheart Films is a little bit cheaper, but I prefer the use of filters on the Girlfriends Films to the more limited use of tags. Girlfriends Films continues to be the leader in lesbian erotica, they have been around longer, they have Roku support, and they have a whole lot more content, although this is primarily because they include more studios – although most are not lesbian specific. In terms of available lesbian content, they are actually fairly similar (around 1,000 for Sweetheart Videos vs. around 1300 for Girlfriends Films) and you only get five previews). Still, the amount of content is less important than having the specific content you are looking for, so I would suggest you check out both.