Triple Tease

Manufacturer: California Exoitc Novelties Material: TPR Size 3”x 1.25”/ 8 cm x 3 cm Hardness: 23 Weight: 3 oz. Batteries: AAA Colors: Purple, Pink

Testing Protocols

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The Triple Tease is a sex toy that looks more like some kind of alien creature, but it does provide a unique form of stimulation. It hits all three spots simultaneously- G-spot, clitoral and anal. It uses a rotary dial to adjust the intensity of the vibration.

Toys that try and do a lot of different things like this can run into one major problem- people are different sizes and they don’t always hit the spots they are intended to. I evaluated this on women who were of average height and frame, so it was not really divergent enough to know if that would have been a factor. I believe, though, that the basic design in flexible enough so that it will work as intended for most people.

There are basically three shafts, all of which are quite flexible, which makes it easier to maneuver this into the right position. The central shaft is designed for vaginal penetration and to hit the G-spot. The top shaft aligns itself across the clitoris, and while I had to maneuver it a little to get it to the right spot (with some verbal guidance), this was relatively easy. I did not use the anal simulator for penetration, but it was effective at stimulating both the perineum and the anal area.

The main issue was that it simply did not provide enough oomph to take my partners over the top, even at the highest setting. That is generally the case with most toys that use AAA batteries that have to vibrate a large area like this one does. Some women prefer a more gentle stimulation, so this may not be an issue. For those who need more intense stimulation, it is not a deal breaker if you think about sex toys a little differently.

Just as with sex, where we differentiate some parts as foreplay and other parts as intended to be orgasmic, the same can be true with sex toys. You can use a toy for foreplay and go for the orgasm with intercourse or oral. Sex toys are more than just a tool to quickly get your partner off mechanically with minimal effort. They are a part of foreplay, and don’t ignore the word “play” embedded in foreplay. Sex toys are intended for play.

Ever notice how a child might ask a playmate to come up to their room and play with their toys? Plural, not singular. I have talked to a lot of people who use just one sex toy in a session. If you understand what the differences between various sex toys are and the different types of stimulation they offer, along with a good working knowledge of what pleasures your partner, then you can offer them a smorgasbord of pleasure instead of a one dish casserole.

I have used multiple toys in sexual encounters, moving gradually towards the one I know is most likely to bring on orgasm (and guys, don’t forget that women are multi-orgasmic). Besides switching out toys, I also use multiple toys at the same time to stimulate different body parts. A tip for that is to mix toys that need some movement to be most effective with those that you just need to hold in place, unless you are good at patting your head and rubbing your tummy (or hers) at the same time.