Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Manufacturer: Bad Dragon Ingredients: Water, Polyethylene Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid Size 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles

Testing Protocols

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Bad Dragon Clear Cum Lube differs from most of the lubes on the market that look like cum. Almost all of them are hybrids- a lube midway between the water based lube and a silicone based lube. The Bad Dragon version is strictly a water based lube. This is a newer formulation. The original had parabens. This formulation is completely paraben free.

There are two versions – the traditional white, and clear. I find it a little thinner than the hybrids, and the white does look a lot like cum. When I first started evaluating cum-like lubes, I thought of them as a novelty designed by men wrongly imagining what women would like. We so-called sex experts continually learn new things, especially the continual and disheartening fact that we can easily be wrong about things if we don’t do our homework and just make assumptions. Here I was wrong. I was surprised by the number of women who really liked the idea of lube that looked like cum.

Bad Dragon Cum Lube was designed to work with their line of award winning and absolutely unique fantasy silicone dildos, although it works well on any silicone toy and all of the other materials I tested. It is also the lube of choice for their line of dildos that shoot out lube. You never want to use a silicone based lube on silicone toys, and are rightly hesitant to use a hybrid lube. In most cases with high quality silicone it is not a problem, but at the same time, who wants to risk destroying an expensive silicone toy?

The key to a useful lube evaluation is in determining the best use for the particular formulation in hand. No one lube does it all. This one does an exceptional job as a silicone toy lubricant. It also works quite well for female manual stimulation, and the most typical comment was some variation of “it feels less like lube and more like me.” I found it to be very slippery, but in a more natural way than the feel of the super slickery silicone lubes. To my touch, it feels very much like vaginal secretions.

I found that it dried out a bit too quickly for effective male manual stimulation, something that was not an issue when used vaginally. The taste is very subtle, but not everyone found it pleasant. For me it was fairly neutral, but it is generally a good idea to taste test a new lube before lathering it on with the expectation of oral sex. The smell was not a problem, and also quite subtle.

As with actual cum, this is stringy immediately. In fact, it is stringy while maintaining its slickness, whereas with some lubes stringiness indicates that the lube is drying out.

One interesting test we tried was the drip test. On skin, a drop immediately formed and dripped down. On a sex toy, however, it did not drip, but seemed to cling to the material. It took several hard shakes to get it to drip down. You will probably want to apply this directly to your toys rather than pouring into your hand first and then applying it to the toy.

Cleanup is just a little more effort than with most water based lubes. While non-staining, it does not just wipe off easily- you’ll need to wash in soap and water after use to really get it off.

Bad Dragon is a David lubing it up against many slick Goliaths, so I was a bit skeptical that they could put out an effective lube against so much incredibly strong competition. For its intended purposes, this turns out to be a strong entry into the incredibly competitive world of lubes, and it is extremely popular in the Alt community.