Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just 30 days away, so now is the time to start planning your costume. It is a perfect excuse to get dressed up in outlandish and very sexy attire that you might not otherwise ever consider wearing. Its a time to let your hair down, show a little extra skin, and have a fiendishly racy good time. We’ll give you the rundown on where to get the best costumes.

The first thing you’ll need is a very sexy costume. You can create your own, but there are also a lot of places where you can buy them. The market for sexy Halloween costumes has exploded, as you’ll see from checking out the sites in our collection of costume companies. The variety and creativity available in sexy costuming is amazing.

Coquette has a Darque line featuring black outfits that could work as part of a Halloween costume.  With lots of items for him and her, they make their own costumes so you’ll find stuff here you may not find anywhere else. Their online store locator will help you find a store near you that carries their products.

Forplay has tons of sexy costumes covering almost any theme you can imagine. They include sexy police, school girl, racing, flight attendant, camping, mobster, sailor, pirate, military and sports themes. There are 247 costumes for 2016.


Pirate from Forplay

Yandy has a large selection and a very good search engine and lots of categories, making it easy to find just what you are looking for.  I also like that there are multiple poses for many of the costumes.

My Diva’s Closet has a great selection of Masquerade masks. They also have a well organized by category collection with over 800 choices.

LA Kiss Designs is the source if you want to dress as a stripper, including a wide selection of stripper boots.

Pin Up Girl Clothing has a Great selection of retro dresses. They also have plus sized outfits.

Of course, you can always go with the perennial favorite Pimp and Ho theme. For a selection of Pimp hats, check out Pimphats, which has everything from hats to tooth caps.

An important accessory is a purse, and they seldom go well with your choice of costume. Rasta Imposta has a terrific solution. They have purses designed to go specifically with Halloween costumes. A fire extinguisher for a firewoman, a pirate booty bag for pirates, a Toto basket for Dorothy, a sheep purse for Little Bo Peep, a coffin, bat, spider and many other clever themed purses. They also have purses for other holidays as well, and yes, they have tons of themed costumes

Another fun way to make a costume is to use bondage tape. This is 2 inch wide tape that sticks to itself but not to anything else. Bondage tape is black and shiny. If you’re into fetish attire, it will definitely appeal to you. You can learn more about it in our article on bondage tape.


Photo Credits: Feature image by Jeff Booth. Product shots from respective manufacturers.