Scary Sex Toys

Normally, we don’t think sex toys should be scary. It is quite a different matter around Halloween, however.

Some of the most unusual silicone dildos we have seen come from a company called Bad Dragon. I can’t speak to how effective for self-pleasuring the various designs are, but I can speak to the creativity and uniqueness. No one makes more toys appropriate for Halloween. There’s Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, The Dragon’s Tongue, Crash the Raptor, Demon Dick, Bubble Hooves the Unicorn, and so many more. I am not going to even begin to try and describe them. You have to go to the site and see them for yourself. They come on several different sizes as well. They also have a line of penetrable toys.

One very interesting thing they do is allow you to submit your own designs. Other users can review the designs and choose which ones they would like to see turned into a real product. You can browse a page of submitted designs to view some very creative ideas.


The Tentacle from Bad Dragon


Divine Interventions has silicone dildos from the sacrilegious to the horrifying. For Halloween, you might want to check out The Devil or The Grim Reaper.


The Devil from Divine Interventions

Necronomicox has a small but still imaginative line of silicone horror dildos. You can choose between Mythos, Zombi, Xeno, or Ghatan dildos.


Mythos from Necronomicox

If you have seen American Pie, you know that men will put their penis into almost anything. Male masturbator manufacturer Fleshlight seems to take that to heart. They got men to happily masturbate into something that looks like a flashlight. I could not find any of the horror themed items they they have made on their website, but I went to look at their vampire model at a local adult store, and you can find them on Amazon, so they are still readily available. It is from their Fleshlight Sex in a Can series and is called Succu Dry. Other horror themed items still available on Amazon include Frankenstein and Alien, and their horror themed dildos Frankenstein and Alien. Better hurry, though, and get yours while they are still available.


Succu Dry from Fleshlight

Maybe you prefer the real thing, but want it a little spookier. You might try glow in the dark condoms. However, not all of the glow in the dark condoms are for use for pregnancy protection and disease prevention. One that is is called the Night Light, the first glow in the dark condom to be FDA certified. Like other glow in the dark items, they do need to be unrolled and exposed to light first to get charged up. They are on the thick side, though.

Maybe you don’t need a condom in your relationship, but you do want the glow. For that, there is a glow in the dark lubricant. It comes from Cosmic Bear, is water based, and is called Glow in the Dark Nature Lovin’ Lubricant. Leave the bottle out to charge up in the light and you are ready to play.

Finally, Empire Labs lets you make a silicone replica of your beloved’s special part, and the finished version will glow in the dark.


Photo Credits- Product shots from the respective manufacturers. Main photo by Jeff Booth on the set of This Ain’t the Munsters featuring Lee Stone and Roxy Deville.