Bondage Tape

by Kris Booth


I was browsing through the tables at a BDSM themed event, one of those events that the more perverted of us just can’t skip, when I came across an item that intrigued me:  “Bondage Tape.” James, the fellow working the booth, explained that it was made of PVC and adhered to itself, but didn’t stick to hair or skin. As I had a date with someone who needed a little discipline, I thought it might be nice to experiment with it- And, boy was it fun!

Bondage tape is black and shiny. If you’re into fetish attire, it will definitely appeal to you. You can see some great pictures of it in use if you Google Bondage Tape in a picture search. Although I used it for it’s intended purpose, it’s so attractive that it could almost be used for clothing, as erotic photographer Steve Diet Goedde did in the picture below.


What is especially nice about this tape is that while it seems a tad flimsy at first glance, you can quickly “encase” your beloved in a package he or she can’t get out of. It’s very restricting, and that inability to escape gives the submissive just that feeling of desperation/resignation that he or she longs for. I used it on a strong, controlling guy, and the feeling of peace that passed over his face when he realized he was “at my mercy” was almost angelic.

It is widely available in black or red, is 2 inches wide and runs about $10 per roll. You can find it all over the place from different manufacturers. It is basically all the same, although some may be a little stretchier than others, but this has not been an issue for me. It is carried by Adam and Eve, Spencers, and The Stockroom. There are several sources for it on Amazon, including a roll in pink.

One essential that James heartily recommends when you’re doing any type of bondage is a good pair of EMT scissors. They are sharp, with blunt ends, and can cut through a variety of materials. They are inexpensive and are readily available from several places on the net, including Amazon. I keep them handy when I play, and mine have a bright yellow handle so they are easy to find even in a dimly lit room.

As my slave said after I released her from a cocoon of bondage tape on her upper body and using rope leg restraints I learned how to tie from Jay Wiseman’ s Erotic Bondage Handbook; “Bondage is fun!” Well, it sure can be when you have the right toys.