A Convention of Wonders


I know what some of you may be thinking. How can a family friendly convention be a sexy adventure for a couple? Amazingly, it can.

This convention is certainly not for you if you dislike fantasy and science fiction, as that is the primary theme. For fans, though, there will be tons of stuff that will appeal to you. This is a gigantic convention with almost anything you can imagine (and probably much that you can’t). With well over 50,000 attendees, they have expanded well beyond comic books to encompass the larger universe of fantasy and SF.

So, where does the sexy come in? Many types of adult events offer couples opportunities to put on sexy costumes, and while not specifically being an adult event, there are more sexy costumes here than you can even take in. Not everyone dresses up, but an amazing number of them do, and quite a few of those range from adorable to eye-popping.

Sure, there is every superhero and fantasy character you can imagine, but in the comic book world, a lot of those characters wear quite revealing costumes. Those types of characters are very well-represented here, with low cleavage, bare midriffs, heaving bosoms, and lots of thigh and barely covered butt cheeks.  This is so for both men and women, and of course, much more so for the women.


Excellent use of liquid latex for costuming

Of course, all of the costumes are street legal. You can’t actually have any naughty bits exposed. That would be totally inappropriate. But here, cosplay is a big deal, and it is not entirely innocent. A Google search of pictures from previous Wondercons will give you a good idea of the types of costumes people wear.

Going out in public dressed sexily can be stimulating and boost your sexual self-confidence. It can make for some great sex between the two of you after. This won’t work for couples with intense jealousy issues where they can’t let their partner enjoy looking at other sexy people, but for most it can get the juices flowing.


You won’t find erotic comics anywhere (or at least I didn’t, and I was looking). Perhaps under the counter if I asked the right person.

I saw only a hand full of comics being promoted with any type of sexual theme. There was the Sex Criminals series from Image Comics by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. It follows the adventures of a librarian and an actor who discover that they share the ability to freeze time when they orgasm. The fist compilation was nominated for the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story, and the series has gotten lots of positive reviews.



Pole Dancing Adventures is a charming web comic from artist Leen Isabel. She has two collections available in print, and you can also read the latest adventures online. The artist is a pole dancer, and the comic is actually about pole dancing.



Hot Charlotte is a graphic novel about three women who are roomates. They live in a luxury villa and act upon their sexuality without being intimidated by men, without feelings, without remorse or regrets. It was created by Italian writer-artist Vincenzo Cucca. The English translation comes from publisher Red Cat Tales.



Dan Mendoza’s Zombie Tramp follows the adventures of a prostitute who has become a zombie in this ultra-violent graphic novel and comics series. It also features quite a bit of nudity, even on the cover, which is why you will find variant covers for the general market with the offending nudity covered up.



Zenescope makes comics intended for adults. They are very violent, but with a fair share of sexy artwork. Drawing many of their titles from fairy tales, they offer a much darker narrative. They include the Grimm Fairy Tales series features various worlds themed around Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Neverland, as well as many other familiar fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.