G-Whiz G-Spot Attachment

Manufacturer Vixen Creations       Weight .3 lbs.       Material Silicone       Hardness 32

Testing Protocols

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This is one of our favorite attachments for the Original Magic Wand or any of the similar ball top vibrators. It is made of silicone, and with proper care, should last forever. You can clean it by throwing it into boiling water or even toss it in the dishwasher. It warms up to body temperature very easily, and silicone is extremely good at transmitting vibration. 

It fits snugly on the end of the Hitachi, converting it into a turbo-charged G-Spot vibrator. It combines just the right amount of flexibility and firmness to hit right on the G-Spot with the right amount of pressure. The shaft is slightly flexible, but the knobby tip can dig in and provide just the right pressure. This combined with the vibration should send you through the roof. 

Not only that, but the slight taper along the front of the part that fits over the head of the Hitachi can come to rest right against the clit and add vibration there as well. A little skillful wielding of this should send you right into orgasmic heaven.

Intelligently designed by a company with a reputation for quality and excellence, this is more expensive than the generic Hitachi G-Spot attachments. If you want the absolute best, though, there is no comparison. For those who appreciate well-designed sex toys, the little bit of extra money will be well spent, and you and your Hitachi will have a new best friend.