Golden Triangle Stretch Male Masturbation Sleeve

Manufacturer Golden Triangle (No direct sales) Weight .4 lbs. Material Stetchy rubber Hardness 6 Size 4.5 inches long, 1.75 inches wide

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There are a lot of really good male masturbation sleeves out there. But you might not want vibration, or a sleeve with an end that looks like a realistic anus or a vagina. Your needs might be simple. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. Well, then, the simple classic design of this very inexpensive male masturbation sleeve may be just what you are looking for.

It has no fancy packaging. It is a made in China item that is essentially sold is a bulk item, which keeps the cost very low.

Very pink, 4 ½ inches long, and about 1 ¾ inches wide, this masturbation sleeve is made of a soft rubbery material that is very elastic. The back end of the tube is open, but the front is sort of in the shape of lips with a tiny opening in the center about the width of a pipe cleaner.

The idea is to lube yourself up and slip your member into that tiny, very stretchy hole. You’ll need lots of lube and a little perseverance to get yourself past the opening. As with actual sex, it helps if you are already really hard, so you’ll probably need to start with manual masturbation.

Inside the tube is a textured ribbed surface, which does feel pleasant. The tiny opening also has a lot of grip, which you will feel on the back strokes. While you can insert your penis in a little way and stimulate the head of the penis against the ribbed interior, you can also use it to stimulate the shaft while inserting the penis all the way, so that it protrudes from the other end. You could then combine it with oral sex.

On the downside, the material gets very slippery when lube is applied, and I had to make a real effort to keep a grip on it. It is also made of a material that is extremely sensitive to contact with other plastics, which causes a chemical reaction that will damage it. You can only use water or silicone based lubes with it.

This has been around long enough that people have even developed specific techniques for using it. There is the “Juicer” (using the tip of the sleeve as you would to juice an orange) and the “Propeller” (swish or circulate the top around, half on, and half off the penis).

This is the one that sex educators have recommend for years to people who want to try a masturbation sleeve. It is an excellent introduction, and probably the most bang for the buck on the market.

There is one caveat, though. While the box claims that it is made from non-toxic materials, we do not know what it is made of, and Chinese made products are not reliably labeled even when they do list them. We do know that it does not do the heavy weeping over time that toys with large quantities of phthalates do.  That does not mean that it does not contain some.  There are a couple of factors to consider. Phthalates are everywhere, and everyone gets some level of exposure. It is not yet known what level of exposure is harmful to adults (the science is much stronger when looking at the exposure to children). Also, with a masturbator, you are looking only at dermal, not internal, exposure. In a 2014 study titled “Measurement of Phthalates in Skin Wipes: Estimating Exposure from Dermal Absorption” they determined that washing with soap and water after exposure reduced the exposure by more than 50%. Therefore, we believe that it is good practice to wash your penis with soap and water after each use of this sleeve, and probably good practice with any masturbation device.

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