Our Solo Sex Quiz

This is based on the book The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex by Jenny Block which we review today.

Question #1: Most women who masturbate do it:

Question #2: In 1902, this household appliance company introduced the first electric vibrator:

Question #3: According to an Adam and Eve survey, this percentage of women prefer masturbation to partnered sex:

Question #4: Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud felt that masturbation was:

Question #5: One of the oldest artifacts believed to have been used as a dildo is:

Question #6: In the 1936 book Diseases of Intimacy and Childhood, the author’s cure for female masturbation was:

Question #7: Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as a:

Question #8: Legend has it that Cleopatra masturbated with:

Question #9: 9. Thirteenth century Saint Thomas Aquinas taught that:

Question #10: 10. The 20 percent of women who don’t masturbate are subject to: