The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex

by Jeff Booth
Review of The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex by Jenny Block

This Fourth of July, what better topic is there than women becoming more free to take charge of their own sexuality and gaining a better understanding of how they like to be pleasured? Self pleasuring, the type described in detail in Solo Sex, is an important part of every woman’s sexual development.

Frankly, this review should be written by a woman. In this case, though, you are getting a male perspective. As a sex educator I do have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject, but certainly only women have a full understanding of these issues. Jenny Block has a much greater understanding than most.

So, given that, the first thing to assess is who this book is for. Primarily written for women, especially those who might have some hesitation about self-pleasuring or have difficulty achieving orgasm, it includes many quotes from women describing their relationship to masturbation. She surveyed over 160 women for the book. These also can provide some insight for men in better understanding a woman’s perspective on the subject.

If, as a man, you want better sex with your partner, enthusiastically supporting female masturbation is a good idea. Women who regularly masturbate are able to achieve orgasm more easily. They are more in tune with their own sexuality. It helps keep them sexually connected. This will all pay off in dividends for their partner.

The book starts with an overview of masturbation and why it is so important. It is the key to understanding female sexuality and why penis in vagina sex is simply not enough for women to be sexually satisfied. It also includes a lot of advice on how to masturbate.

She discusses the use of sex toys, although not in great detail. She goes into the importance of fantasy and includes a selection of “story starters.” There is a section of frequently asked questions.

She covers the history of female masturbation and sexuality, and the often shocking attitudes men have had about the subject that have reverberated down through the ages. She explains the historic importance of controlling women’s sexuality, and recounts some of the appalling opinions and suggestions by so-called medical experts. This chapter also covers the science of masturbation and the documented health benefits.

The science and history sections are overviews and not comprehensive. The main thrust of the book is the quotes from women and their experiences that were from her survey. Women’s voices are an important and extensive part of this book.

Presenting information from surveys, research, sex experts, and the stories from a wide variety of women, this provides a good overview of the subject in a breezy relatively quick read. The idea is to normalize masturbation, to put it in proper perspective, and to enthusiastically encourage women to enthusiastically embrace masturbation.