Sportsheets Impressions Paddles

Manufacturer Sportsheets Material Nylon cord, nickel free metal hardware, RBSE glass batten, cowhide leather, paper (red) Size length 12″ Weight 4 oz. Colors Black

Testing Protocols

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These are high quality 12″ slapper leather paddles that have cutouts on them. A paddle with a slapper makes a lot more noise and gives you a very distinct slapping sound. It consists of two flaps, one with the cutout, and another solid flap behind it. In use, the rear flap slaps against the front flap to make the noise.

The cutouts come in three hearts, three stars, or the word LOVE. The idea behind the cutout is that while the paddle might make your bottom a little pink, the cutout part will remain white. Of course, the bottom will only stay pink for a short while and the impression will fade, as all first impressions do. It will also take a minute or so before the impression appears. The lighter your skin, the better the impression will be. You do want to avoid the initial impulse to strike really hard to make an impression. Start off softly and work your way up. Striking too hard will leave a bruise and a poor impression overall. As with any item for BDSM play, communication is important to make sure you are not paddling them harder than they desire. It may take a little experimentation before you learn how to make the impression.

The original version was all black. In the newer versions, they have added red paper to make the patterns stand out more. It is possible to remove this red paper however if you would prefer an all black toy.

I have been hearing reports of people buying these online and getting knockoffs. I have only used the star and heart paddle. For those, the direction does not matter, but the direction of the lettering certainly does. If it is backwards on the paddle, it will obviously appear readable on the bottom of the person you use it on. If it is readable normally on the paddle, then really the lettering is just for show.

These are very good general paddles at a very good price. They are well made, we have had a couple for many years, and the handle provides a good solid grip.