Asstroknots Popper

by Jeff Booth
Review of the Knowmind Popper series.


The Popper line consists of several glass rods with glass balls in them. Essentially, what you have are glass anal beads. There are several versions.

We tested the original 1″ 4 Popper. The rod itself is 1″, and the four balls are 2″ wide. The ball at the end of the rod is shaped like the head of a penis. It has a T-shaped handle. The good news is that this now sells for well over a third of what it originally cost just a few years ago

There is also a similar version with just 3 balls (including the end head shaped one), and one with a straight rod and just the head.

While glass toys are often quite beautiful, this looks anything but cuddly. You can certainly use that to your advantage if you are doing any dominance play. Being glass, it will take the lube well, and trust me, you’ll need it. This is a large anal toy, and not everyone is going to be able to accommodate it. It is not for beginners.

There are several Poppers that have smaller balls along the rod.

The 3X Popper has an overall length of 8″, with an insertable 6″. The balls are 1″ and are equally spaced. The ball at the very end is a larger 1 1/2″.

The 5X Popper has an overall length of 9″, with an insertable 6 1/2″. The 5 evenly spaced balls are the same size as the 3X.

The 6X Popper has an overall length of 10″, with an insertable 7″. The balls are 1″ and are equally spaced. The ball at the very end is a larger 1 1/2″.

All of these are toys for slow insertion and slow removal. It is all about the sensation of the changing diameters. It is also good to understand the basics of how the anus is shaped. It is actually quite short- 5 to 6 inches, and then it has a bend in it. Not so good for a long rigid toy like this one. If you squat or bend over, however, that bend straightens out, and allows for easier insertion of a toy like this.

Know Mind has been making glass toys for longer than just about anyone. They are of very high quality and made of Boronex glass.

There are other less expensive glass dildos on the market, but you can do things with this you probably would not want to do with the others. You can throw it in a freezer for an icy thrill. You can drop in hot water or hold it under the tap to warm it up, and it will stay warm for ten minutes or more. You can wash it in the dishwasher, or even sterilize it in an autoclave. Because of the annealing process they use, it is extremely strong and should last a lifetime.

Glass has some other important properties. Because it is non-porous, it can not take on odors. Lubes also last longer since they won’t be absorbed into the micropores in most toys. It is hypoallergenic, which is good news for those who are very sensitive.