Wonka’s Willy & The Candy-Colored Sexy Spring Soiree

One of the great aspects of living in Los Angeles is that there is always something interesting to do. Several communities came together earlier tonight to promote a new line of sex toys from Rock Candy Toys. You can read more about them in our AEE Round-up- Sex Toys Part 1 article. Hopefully we’ll have some in soon for full reviews. It is a line we really like.

Pure Delish owner Kat

This all took place in a store in Culver City (Los Angeles) that we had not been in before, called Pure Delish.  They have been in business since 2000. It is a bright delightful shop selling sexy attire, adult toys, and lotions and notions. You can see the owner above in their dance pole room where they offer pole dancing classes. They were the perfect place to host an event based on candy themed sex toys. They even called the people working their Sales Cupcakes. They also offer special deals for professional dancers.

The store was all decked out for the candy theme, with Oompah-Loomahs offering trays of candy and the store’s cupcake girls offering trays of cupcakes.

Oompah-Loompah’s J.C and Brittney with Rock Candy girl Jordan center

Besides fans of the store and friends of the new toy line, author and sex educator Sienna Sinclair was there. She brought with her many members from her meet up group, Naughty Los Angeles, which is an offshoot of her book of the same title, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.  She hosts weekly events, and the calendar on her site lists tons of interesting local Los Angeles events.

Sienna Sinclair and Rock Candy Toys founder Keith Caggiano

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Willy Wonka, with Tito Bonito fearlessly portraying a naughty version of the famous candy man. He told lewd jokes and warmed up the crowd while we waited for the burlesque dancers. To the right in the picture below you can see the bartender, who was offering very sweet candy flavored alcoholic beverages.

Willy Wonka keeps us entertained

Finally it was time for the burlesque dancers, who collectively are known as the Bootleg Bombshells. This year marks their fifth anniversary of performances at Venice Beach, which take place at Townhouse. They also do shows at other venues. here is the offical blurb about them from their site:The Bootleg Bombshells are a combination of interactive burlesque, boylesque, cabaret, aerial, and performance art. Created in February of 2013 in the Del Monte Speakeasy downstairs of Townhouse, in Venice, California, the Bombshells perform every Wednesday night after Venice Underground Comedy. Plus we welcome a new special guest every week! Doors for our show are at 11:30pm and there’s no cover!

The store was packed to the rafters. We all had to move into the smaller dance pole room, so I moved quickly to secure a spot that I could also shoot photos from. My wife was not as quick. Sorry honey. They made room for a few more and she squeezed in at the last minute where I had saved a very small spot for her. Lulu Mon Dieu was the first dancer, and also the Producer for the group. She tossed out chocolates to the crowd. After this, I think everyone had a sugar rush.

Lulu Mon Dieu works the floor with candy colored hair

Up next was a very talented performer and I will update this entry as soon as I get her name.

Remember that I stated that Tito (Willy) was fearless? He was up next with a very funny strip routine that revealed his candy colored pasties with tassles. As he stripped further, he revealed that he also had ass tassles, which he twirled with significant vigor.

Willy twirling his tassles

What happened next appeared to be unplanned. Earlier, Willy had been joking with a member of the audience who mentioned she was a contortionist. During the show, he teased her about performing on the poles, and she surprised him by saying she had just bought an outfit from Pure Delish and if she could have a moment to put it on, she would. He did his number, then introduced Cash. She was extremely limber, and impressed the crowd. She was clearly no amateur. I wanted to find out more about her, but she sort of disappeared afterwards.

The amazingly flexible Cash

It was a fun evening for all concerned. Did I mention that I love L.A.?