Sex Machines

When I first got this assignment, I assumed from the title that it would be partly autobiographical, but it is in fact a more literal look at actual machines that provide sexual stimulation.

The Sybian has been around a long time and reigned supreme. It is a saddle based design that women can essentially ride while either they or their partner takes the controls. I have piloted the Sybian on many occasions (we even had two of them at the swing club I was an adviser to.) However, it does not seem to have changed very much over the years. It has the same controller with an off/on toggle switch for rotation and vibration and the two knobs to adjust speed for both of those options. It now has eight attachments, which I believe is an increase from what they have had earlier. It is a good product, but it is now facing some pretty serious competition.

We first saw the Motorbunny last year at AEE where it won the “O” award for Best Powered product. The one we saw this year at AEE shows that they keep improving and adding on to it. They claim that it is better than the Sybian, arguing that it is more powerful, less expensive, and lighter weight, among other comparisons. They have a web page Sybian Vs. Motorbunny that compares the two feature by feature. While we are very familiar with the Sybian, we have not had this in to test so we do not know how they stand up head to head, but many of their claims of superiority do seem to be justified.

There are a lot of things I like about it, including the build quality. For BDSM aficionados, there are four stainless steel eye bolts for attachment of things like restraints and nipple clamps. It has a great hard carrying case. It can now be controlled by your phone via bluetooth and (coming soon) over the Internet. This adds additional features, like reversing the twirl function and using preprogrammed routines, and you can also sync them to music.

They have TPE and Silicone attachments and make it clear what they are made of, something the Sybian site does not do as good a job of. There are 11 attachments and based on a cursory examination, I like them better than the Sybian selection. One of the attachments is what they call the Jiggle Butt, which is a molded female backside with two openings so that the Motorbunny can also be used by men.

Overall, I think that the Motorbunny is a serious Sybian competitor. While for many the Sybian is the go to, this is worthy of your consideration as well.


The Sybian style machine is just one in a growing number of sex machine concepts. The OPRO2X was designed by Rapid Transit Engineering Inc and is very high tech looking. It offers thrusting (a feature that is in the works for Motorbunny as well).  The OPRO2X thrusts at a 12 degree angle. It is not a one trick pony, though.  It has what they call the Man Cave at the back, a molded vagina into which the man can insert his penis so that he can feel variable speed vibrations and suction. Notice the pink topped cap which screws over the Man Cave to protect it and keep it clean.

There is a lot of engineering that went into this. It has an internal pump which makes the attachments self-lubricating. It has a retractable drain tube for easier cleaning. In the center picture you can see the variable speed bullet, which can be repositioned and angled using the knob jutting up directly in front of it. Just behind the bullet is the thrusting dildo. Up front is a knob you can hld onto but you can also attach a manually operated thrusting dildo.


I was very impressed by the large selection of sex machines from XR Brands.  They have an entire Lovebotz collection. The web site is well worth checking out, just for all of the ingenuity and variety of sex machines they make available. They have a saddle style machine in the Sybian price range.

Saddle Deluxe Riding Sex Machine with Dual Attachments


They also have a large selection of thrusting machines. The Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine seems to be their most technologically advanced option. It is also in the Sybian price range. It offers what I have not seen before- double penetration. It has a cordless remote or you can use the typical corded black box. The cordless remote is a bit unusual- it not only controls the machines but it also is a sex toy itself with variable vibration and a warming tip. The machine has a stroke distance of 4 inches and varies from 50 to 250 strokes per minute (which is certainly more than I can manage). At about two thirds the cost is the Ride on Ejaculating Sex Machine. It offers and from 50 strokes to a literally mind-numbing 350 spm. Sure, it will get you off, but what about the poor machine?You can get it off with the press of a button on the remote, causing it to ejaculate. It has a 2.35 inch stroke length. Then there is the Remote Control Fucking Machine. It is small, around the same price range as the Ride On, lightweight, and very portable. Unlike the others you can easily use it on a bed, and it has a wireless remote control.

Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine, Ride on Ejaculating Sex Machine, and the Remote Control Fucking Machine

That is just a start, as they have many more options, including the Throw Pillow Fucking Machine (it is built into a throw pillow), The Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine (very traditional with a large wheel attached to the piston), the Robo FUK Adjustable Position Portable Sex Machine (smaller and more portable), The Axis Multi-Angle Sex Machine (adjust the angle by 45 degrees), and the Versa Fuk Machine (you can tilt it horizontally or vertically). New to me were the sex machines built into their own carrying cases.  There is the SexBox Undercover Sex Machine, the Toolbox Lover Machine, and the Pandora’s Box Sex Machine. They are discreet and travel easily.


SexBox Undercover Sex Machine (blue), the Toolbox Lover Machine (black), and the Pandora’s Box Sex Machine (red).

Check out their site as they have many explicit videos showing their machines in use.