The Tingler

Manufacturer Nukkles Weight 6 oz. Material Copper

Testing Protocols

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It is rare that we encounter an item this simple yet so wonderfully effective. Looking like the top part of a birdcage with a handle, the Tingler is made from flexible copper or silver so that you can adjust the shape slightly. You slowly lower the open end over someone’s head, and the tips of the ten prongs massage the scalp. From just reading about it, though, you have no idea how much it lives up to its name. The reaction in the picture below is very typical. It tingles, gives you goosebumps, and just plain feels amazing.

It gives the best scalp massage you have ever had, one that you feel all over your body. As to whether copper actually effects the bodies magnetic field, or whether the Tingler properly hits the accupressure points in the scalp, that is beyond the realm of measurable science (hint: take claims like that with a grain of salt). What we do know is that it is a great fun massage gizmo that should be in your arsenal of tools. Most of the devices we’ve tried for massage just don’t do very much. This, though, offers a sensation that you’d be unable to create any other way, and trust us, it is a terrific sensation. We’ve tried it on a lot of people so far, and every single one of them gave us a wonderful response, from giggles to expressions of bliss.

A typical Tingler reaction

Of course, anything this simple is going to have tons of knock-offs of varying quality. You want the Original Tingler. It was first sold under the Everything for Love brand, but now you want to look for the name Nukkles. We do have some other variations from other companies, but we still prefer the original.