Spine Tingling Erotica

We kick off our month long celebration of sexy Halloween with this selection of erotic frights.  Here are some ideas for finding videos, books and web sites for a fun-filled night of screams.  You can also find many of these on streaming (PPV) and rental sites.

The New Devil in Miss Jones

From the producers: Twenty-five years later the devil gets her due! Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema’s greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone! In it, Savanna Samson (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna Jameson (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges, but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh! Also is a special appearance by the original Miss Jones, Georgina Spelvin and special commentary by Jenna Jameson. 

Available from Adult DVD Empire and most other major retailers.

Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre

campcuddlyA porn comedy takeoff on horror films. Form the producers: From the mind of Wicked Pictures’ Award Winning Director, Jonathan Morgan comes this comedy of horrific proportions. When Kirsten and Megan (Stormy and Jessica Drake) join a group of friends on their way to a concert they “accidentally” run over a drifter in the road. What follows is a series of unexplainable circumstances, outrageous situations and plenty of hot sex!

Available from Adult DVD Empire.

Dark Angels 2: Bloodline

darkangel2From the producer: Draken (Barret Blade) leads a band of vampires and mutant zombies on a bloodthirsty hunt for an elixir that holds the key to their immortality. In their desperate, final days they find it coursing through the veins of a young woman, Jesse (Sunny Lane), and once they find her they will stop for no man. Unless it’s slayer Jack Cross (Dillon), whose sole purpose in life is to see to the extinction of the entire vampire race. The eternal battle between good and evil rages into the shadows of the night when an unforgettable classic is reborn. The fear is back! 

Available from Game Link.

mummystombSeduction Cinema has a number of interesting videos on their site. Some of the titles we found there include the Joanna Angel horror porn films Dong of the Dead, Walking Dead Hardcore ParodyCindy Queen of Hell, Re-Penetrator, Fuckenstein (in a double feature with The Craft), and Evil Head. There is House on Hooter Hill, Dracula’s Dirty Daughter, and Bikini Frankenstein. They have a lot of titles starring horror icon Misty Mundae (she did mainstream horror under the name Erin Brow, and softcore porn horror under the Mundae name). Her titles include An Erotic Vampire In Paris, Erotic Werewolf in London, My Vampire Lover, Lust for Dracula, and her three Mummy movies, Lust in the Mummy’s Tomb, Mummy Raider, The Mummy’s Kiss (in a double feature with The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula), and the only hardcore film of hers I know of, Vampire Strangler.
lusfortfrankensteinAmazon is another good resource to check out. They have the double Lust for Frankenstein/Tender Flesh DVD. Lust for Frankenstein concerns the lesbian daughter of Dr. Frankenstein and the female monster she creates. In Tender Flesh, a stripper and her sleazy boyfriend are invited by a wealthy woman and her lover to join them on her private island for a weekend of sex games in exchange for a large fee. When the couple gets there, however, it turns out to be not what they expected.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you might want to check out Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle of Death. It stars Shannon Tweed, Adrienne Barbeau, and Bill Maher and was made in 1989. It was written and directed by CenterSEE co-founder Kris Booth’s first serious boyfriend, J. F. Lawton. He went on to write the Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman. It was filmed almost entirely at the University of Caifornia Riverside, where her and his dad both worked.

You might also want to check out the Jean Rollin Page. He directed a lot of erotic vampire movies, and this site includes descriptions of his movies and lots of pictures.

ghostbusters2There are plenty of porn films that use horror themes, but usually in a humorous way and as a take-off of a popular mainstream film. Your first stop should be Excalibur Films, where we found Wicked Fourgy of Horror and The Blair Witch Project Hardcore Parody.

Streaming site Hot Movies has The Turning, This Ain’t American Horror Story XXX, Hope Harper’s Halloween Whorrors, Nightmare on Dyke Street, and This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX.

darkangelsOne of the exceptions that actually does try to be a horror film is Nic Andrew’s Dark Angels, a porn vampire epic. The production values are high and there is actually a movie in there amidst all of the sex. It stars Jewell DeNyle, and was a year in the making.

It won movie of the year from the AVN Awards.  It is also on HotMovies.com, a pay per minute service, and even view 14 minutes of it for free.


If you are looking for an adult Web site that features vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches in erotic settings, check out XXXHorrorSex.com. For additional porn and horror, you might also check out HorrorSex.com.

On the comic book side, Vamperotica is an anthology comic about female vampires with over fifty issues out. It was also made into a video, and you can find stills on this site.

And for those of you who enjoy your erotic entertainment bound, Circlet Press has a series of erotic vampire anthologies, edited by Cecilia Tan. Their site also lists erotic vampire titles from other publishers. They also have a number of Werewolf titles, and a Paranormal category.