Monstrous Sex

We spent the weekend with some pretty hideous and yet still surprisingly sexy men and women. Some of them were nearly naked. Some of them were extremely furry.

Horror and sex have long been associated in entertainment. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is filled with sexual metaphor and allusions. With the advent of movies, horror films were early exploiters of the freedom that pre-code movies (before 1934) were allowed. Did you know that there is a topless scene of Fay Wray in the original 1933 King Kong? It was very brief, but too long for censors, who cut it out of most versions. The 1933 Island of Lost Souls emphasized Dr. Moreau’s sexual perversity. Twenty years later it would be given an X-rating. The 1930 fake documentary, Ingagi, lets us travel with “explorer” Sir Hubert Winstead to learn about a tribe of women who have sex with gorillas. The naked Africans being ravaged by men in monkey suits were actually white actresses in dark makeup. Most shocking of all, the 1933 film The Invisible Man had more nudity than almost any other film of the time, but since he was invisible, it was less objectionable.

Horror fans continue to be treated to a mix of sex and horror. It is an indispensable part of the classic teen horror flick, where the sexually active young men and women quickly meet their doom while the more virginal manage to survive.

Sex may not have been an essential part of the recent Son of Monsterpalooza convention, but it was there none the less. The next of these conventions for monster lovers (and especially for lovers of monster makeup as special effects makeup artists are an important part of the show) takes place in Pasadena April 13th – 15th, and is called Monsterpalooza.

A horny demon and a devilish doll

We are very big into Halloween here at CenterSEE, and have a huge Halloween sex party every year. Since we skipped our annual Tacky Tiki Party event this summer, one of the theme areas is going to be the Tacky Tiki Terror room, with a combo Tiki, sex and horror motif. I was able to find two pieces of original art at the show that included all three. They will decorate the walls, and I’ll lay out the Tiki themed horror sex comic I found there.

You can find sexy stuff if you look, but it does take a little looking. For me, though, attractive barely dressed women is always sexy, even when they are covered head to toe with body makeup. There were many impressive examples of that at the show, and you got to watch a number of the makeup jobs start to finish in the different makeup booths.

Some of the amazing full body paint you got to watch being applied

There were a number of top makeup effects people on hand, including several contestants from the SyFy television series Face Off. The costumes and makeup of people roaming the floors and participating in the costume contest (hosted by the hilarious Dead Elvis) were amazing. There was an amazing 7 foot tall Wookie that was camera ready, complete with digital sound effects he activated by pressing different fingers together. A 17 year old had fabricated an amazing Mars Attacks! costume. These are a little off topic so check our Behind the Scenes blog entry for some of the less sexy but still impressive costumes.

Step by step creation of the cat goddess Bastet

Sex was also on hand during the after hours, when they held an adults only Sick and Sexy Burlesque show. It was put on by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine of Girls and Corpses fame, in association with the Sultry Sweet Burlesque and Variety Show.

I did not make it to the Burlesque show, even though I very much wanted to go. We spent the day at Son of Monsterpalooza, but the Burlesque show was at night and we had already confirmed another engagement. That was one where my wife and I got to sit in a Jacuzzi with a bunch of naked fetish models. I had already said I was coming, and I did not want to disappoint the models.

Fortunately, I did get a chance to chat with the man behind it all, Robert Rhine. He founded Girls and Corpses magazine 17 years ago, and when we spoke, he had just published the final issue. Begun as a humor horror magazine that has been described as “Maxim meets Dawn of the Dead,” it was the only horror magazine to do their own photoshoots. So shocking, despite the lack of full nudity, it took 5 years for him to even find a distributor.

They shot many women over the years, including the first shoot for Bonnie Rotten, who went on to fame as a porn star. Reality show star Courtney Stodden did her first sexy shoot for them. She became famous after marrying actor Doug Hutchison (Horace Goodspeed in the television series Lost) when she was 16. Another reality star to cover model was Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom (she also went on to porn star fame).

Cover models have included adult stars Terra Patrick, Australian porn star Gigi Allens, and Sheri Moon Zombie (wife of Rob Zombie). I appeared in a film with Sheri. She had a feature role where she was outstanding, while I had a role where I was sitting (it takes place in a church and I was one of the parishioners in the pews).

The Burlesque show has been something Robert Rhine has been doing for awhile. He has been combining horror and sex in stage shows since his early years in the adult horror business, when he began doing his Miss Dead Bikini Pagaent. Th Sick and Sexy Burlesque featured very talented Burlesque dancers, including Erica Snap, Sin Twisted, Blanche Bourgeois. Deliah Demilo, Battyna Sin, Harley Harpurr, Miss Spent Youth, Anita Crystal and a special performance by former porn star and California Gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey (Celebrity Rehab). Robert Rhine was the host for the evening.

Since neither I and probably you got a chance to see the show, I do have a Youtube clip for you so we can both get a taste:


So, what is planned for the future of Girls and Corpses now that they no longer publish a magazine? Movies. They just finished a horror movie that features adult star Jillian Janson in her first mainstream production. More horror movies are planned. They will also do future burlesque shows. To find out about those, check their Facebook page.