Sportsheets Rubber Whips

Manufacturer Sportsheets Material latex threads, wood beads, plastic clear tubing, nylon cord, latex strands

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We have a few more whips in the house than the average person, I suspect. One is made of exquisitely soft doeskin, some are made of leather, they come in different lengths, some have professionally balanced handles, and most of them are very expensive. One that I enjoy using a lot was quite inexpensive, though, and instead of the usual plain black, it also comes in red, pink, and purple. Iti s made of latex rubber strands, and since it is not leather, it will probably please the vegans. It is made by Sportsheets, a company we tend to write about a lot because we like the products and we like the people there.

There are several sizes. On the medium sized one, the loose rubber strands are a little more than 9″ long and the entire whip is 14″. The larger size 22″ in length. The handle is made from a 2 1/2″ x 3/4″ plastic tube with a ball at each end, which provides a reasonably good grip. I am not as enthused about the smallest size, though. The handle is just a bit too short for my taste, and 10 inches is just a little on the small size.

Bondage books will warn you about rubber whips, as the kind with strips of rubber can bruise and cut if used improperly. That is not a concern with these fine strands of rubber, though, which provide a slightly stinging sensation. You can hit someone quite hard with this, and it will provide a pretty good stinging sensation, but is quite safe to use.

For must of us, though, light strokes are going to be the norm. Very light strokes are just a little thuddy with very to no sting. A little harder stroke may provide a slight sting, but you have to have a fairly hard stroke before this becomes even slightly uncomfortable. I tried it on myself, and I’m a woose, so this is not the opinion of someone hard core. This is a good whip for those interested in the lighter side of these activities.

The other big advantage of this whip is that it is great for dragging across the body. The rubber strands feel very good against the skin, providing a very gentle tickly sensation. You can let the strands spread out and cover a wide area, or twist the whip a little to bunch them together to stroke a more specific area. I find I use this whip for dragging more than I do for whipping.

If you have been interested in exploring spanking and similar activities, this is an excellent toy to use in your initial exploration. Even the more hard core will want to add it to their toy box, as it can be used to provide some slightly different sensations.