Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality

by Jeff Booth
Review of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality by Linda E. Savage
This is a revised Kindle edition, and in the interest of full disclosure, the author is a personal friend.


A few thousand years ago, patriarchy took hold and things would never be the same. Where once women dominated cultures and there were Goddess centered religions, soon it would be a man’s world. There would also be a God of the Old Testament: jealous, vengeful, murderous, and nothing at all like a Goddess. For women especially, it was not a very good deal.

There are many arguments in anthropological circles about just how many, if any, cultures were matriarchal and worshiped a Goddess. We’ll probably never know beyond folklore, but much of that folklore, even if tinged with modern influences, still has much to say, and can provide insights into our understanding of sexuality.

This book merges the latest in modern understanding of sexuality with the views of 5,000 years ago, when women had a central role in religion and life. Sexuality was not the dark curse it became under Christianity and other male dominated religions.

The author points out that in her survey of books on sex, only 10 percent were written solely by a female author. This book speaks specifically to women, and only a few open minded men will come along for the ride. It covers a lot of territory and ideas, but at its core it is about the empowerment of women’s sexuality that has been under subjugation and control for thousands of years. Only in matriarchal societies was a woman’s sexuality celebrated and allowed to fully express itself.

The author has been in private practice as a licensed psychologist and sex therapist for many years. Here she combines her research into matriarchal cultures and early Goddess beliefs with her knowledge of how to treat contemporary sex problems.

She presents modern case studies, how the problem was treated, and takes us back in time to how differently ancient societies might have viewed the situation. One interesting notion is the application of the ancient “maiden, mother, crone” view of the three stages of women, and how applying that to sexual issues can help more clearly target the problems that crop up in specific parts of a woman’s life.

Along the way, she covers a lot of ground, from exploring basic misunderstandings between men and women that can lead to sexual problems in a relationship, to how to awaken sexual desire, explore fantasy, and increase sexual pleasure.

If you have never been exposed to some of the basic concepts of ancient Goddess religions, you will find this book particularly eye opening. Even for those who may not buy into the spirituality, the core concepts here are empowering and enriching, and there is a lot of good practical advice on how to make your sex life better.