Platinum Lace Corset Harness

Manufacturer Sportsheets       Weight .6 lbs.       Material 52% polyester, 25% polypropylene, 10% polyurethane foam, 8% PVC fabric, 2% nickel free metal, 2% nitrile O-Rings, 1% ABS plastic      

Testing Protocols

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Strap-ons are very fun toys, but finding a good one can be a challenge. That’s why we like this one so much. You’d want something like this to look hot when you wear it, but a lot of them just look a bit on the dorky side. The Sportsheets Corset Harness has a corset-like appearance and looks great on. The extra padding in the body makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. They also have a version in red.

It is machine washable, but I do put it in a lingerie bag to protect it, and I air dry it. I have not tested machine drying it, as I like it to much to risk it.

It is very adjustable, and uses secure webbing straps to hold it in place. It will fit up to a 60″ waist. The thigh straps go up to 35″. There is also a plus size version that will accommodate up to a 72″ waist. You just pull and slide to adjust, making it a quick process to get it on. It also has hidden garter loops so that you can attach your garters to it. It is touches like this that show that the Sportsheets folks put a lot of thought into their products.

The cheaper harnesses use elastic, which is pretty pointless. These webbing straps go around the legs, making for a very secure fit and a lot of control. Another nice aspect is that it leaves the vaginal area accessible. Some models completely cover this area, limiting potential stimulation.

It uses a standard O-ring to hold the dildo, and they give you three rings sized 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2″. They are held in place by four snaps. Any dildo with a flat flared base will work.

This was a big hit when we showed it around at our last event. It has also been popular when I have introduced it to girlfriends new to harnesses. It has an innovative design that combines form and function, and its secure fit makes it much easier to use.

Both men and women enjoy being on the receiving end of a strap-on. You can’t go wrong with the Sportsheets Corset Harness. It is well made from a company you can trust, and it is clearly our favorite of all of the many models we have tested. The dildo is sold separately.