Kama Sutra Pure Heart Kit

by Jeff Booth
Review of the Kama Sutra Pure Heart Kit


Kama Sutra collections have long been our go to item for wedding gifts. Kama Sutra now has a kit perfect for Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion. There are two variations, both of which come in heart shaped boxes. There is the one reviewed here, the Pure Heart Kit, which includes .75 fl oz of Oil of Love Vanilla Creme kissable body oil, 2 oz. Honeysuckle Honey Dust, 2 oz. Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil, and 1.8 oz. Body Souffle Vanilla Creme Kissable Body Creme. The Sweet Heart Kit includes .75 fl oz of Oil of Love Strawberry Dreams kissable body oil, 2 oz. Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust, 1.8 oz. Body Souffle Strawberry Kissable Body Creme, and 2 oz. Pleasure Garden Aromatic Massage Oil. All of these items are available in larger sizes for individual purchase.


The Strawberry themed Sweet Heart sampler

We’ll take a look at each of the individual items separately:


Oil of Love


These oils are not particularly good for full body massage as they are rather expensive and not really designed for massage, but for certain parts of  the body they can be quite wonderful. They taste good, and they warm when you blow on them gently. They can be a wonderful addition to a full body massage, and a nice way to segue from the sensual to the more erotic. They are not for internal use, so apply them only to the external lips of the vagina, and if you put them on the penis, be sure to lick it very clean before penetration. They are wonderful for applying a little dab to erogenous zones all over the body and then blowing and licking them off.

This comes in Vanilla Creme, but when it comes to scent, it is not just plain vanilla. Vanilla is a highly rated erotic scent for men, coming in at number one for a majority of men.  It is one of the few scents that rates almost as highly for women as it does for men.

The Original Oil of Love, with its delicate spicy cinnamon taste, was Kama Sutra’s very first product. If purchased on their own, you can also get them in Tropical Mango, Raspberry Kiss, Strawberry Dreams, Vanilla Creme, Coconut Pineapple, Forbidden Apple, Sugared Berry, and Passionate Peach.


Honey Dust


When we were first exploring sensual products to add spice and variety to our relationship, this is one of the first products we tried. Because of that, it will have a pretty warm place in our hearts, but beyond that, it is also a very good product.

It is basically a powder, very similar in texture to corn starch. Incorporated into it are very fine crystals of real honey. You can use it as a massage lubricant much like you would use a massage oil, in what is known as a dry powder massage (talc or baby powder can also be used for when you want a little slipperiness without the oil). The advantage here is that instead of just washing it off, you can also lick it off. It tastes just like honey, but without the stickiness.

They also include a wonderful little feather applicator that you can use to dust the powder on with. It can also be used by itself to swirl across those sensitive spots on your lover’s body. We really like the feather applicator. The quality of the Honey Dust is also very high, and the taste is as close to honey as you can get without bringing a little squeeze bottle bear into bed with you.

Besides the Honey and Strawberry, they also have individual canisters of Raspberry Kiss and Chocolate Caress.


Massage Oil


There are a lot of massage oils on the market, but for pure luxuriousness and sensuality, we really like the oils from Kama Sutra. They are made with high quality ingredients, are every light,  and include vitamin E, which is good for the skin. Almond oil is an excellent base oil for massage. A lovely massage is a perfect way to get your romantic evening started.

A good quality massage oil is very important for giving a top quality massage. It helps you hands glide along the skin without sticking and pulling, which is not a pleasant sensation. Keep in mind, though, that this is an oil based product. That means that it is not condom compatible. If you plan to use a condom afterwards, you will want to do a little clean-up on the parts that will be interacting with the condom.

The available scents include Sweet Almond, Healing Blend, Serenity, Pleasure Garden, and Soaring Spirit. Our favorite is the Almond, which is light and fresh and will not conflict with perfumes, scented candles, or other wonderful smells. The bottles have an easy open flip top so you can open and close them with one hand.


Body Souffle


My wife Kris loves foot massages. More than loves them, actually. She is the only woman I know who can have an orgasm just from a foot massage. I have used a lot of different lotions and oils on her feet, and she has two favorites- a peppermint lotion we can’t get anymore, and the Kama Sutra Body Souffle.

For some reasons, thicker just seems to be better for giving a foot massage. I’ve tried oils, but creams just seem to work better on the feet. They feel good going on, and you can really work them into the feet and all the little nooks and crannies. They also are edible with a pleasant taste, which is good to know if you also like to introduce a little toe sucking into your erotic foot massages.

The Kama Sutra Massage Cream is a product we have used rather extensively, and can highly recommend. It is made from top quality ingredients, and washes off easily with warm water. Of course, you can use it on parts of the body other than feet.

While it is perfectly usable for a full body massage, I still prefer to use an oil based massage product. For feet massage, though, this is a winner. It is also wonderful for rubbing into the breasts, where you will perhaps appreciate the edible qualities even more.

I did not see the Vanilla Creme available for individual purchase. They do have the Strawberry, along with Chocolate Creme Brulee and Cool Mint Cream.