Our Sexy Attire Quiz

Valentines Day is coming soon. See how much you know about sexy attire with this quiz.

Question #1: The term negligee is from Latin that literally means:

Question #2: The Bikini gets its name from:

Question #3: A Fuck Me Pump was originally a low-cut, backless, open-toe shoe popularized by:

Question #4: There is now clothing you can paint on. It is made from:

Question #5: The origin of the term “teddy” for a woman’s chemise top and panties come from:

Question #6: This circus performer became famous in the mid 1800’s for wearing very sey attire that now bears his name that gained him an astonishing female following because it showed off his impressive endowments:

Question #7: Scratchy woolen underwear became popular in the 1880’s for presumed health reasons. In the 1890’s, authorities began to discourage its use, in part because:

Question #8: The Bustle was probably created to:

Question #9: High heels were first popularized in ever higher versions by:

Question #10: Freud, who had some strange theories on sex, believed that men with a stocking fetish subconsciously thought of them as a woman’s: