Little Deeper Cushion

Manufacturer Little Deeper Sex Cushion Weight 8.5 lbs. Material 100% cotton cover, polyurethane foam cushion Size L 23″ W 21″ H 7″

Testing Protocols

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We are big fans of sex furniture here at Sex in Review, including the more portable types of cushions and supports. They can provide both additional comfort and sexual enhancement, and can add a lot to your lovemaking.

Liberator is the leader for this specific type of product, and we wrote about some of their products in our Liberator Wedges and Ramps review. There are other manufacturers as well, although they may not be as well known. One of them is Richard A. Moody, who designed a product called The Little Deeper Cushion. It is the only piece of sex furniture they make, and they have been making it for years.

Bright red, reminiscent of a heart but not quite heart shaped, the design is quite sophisticated. It is not a simple wedge or ramp. It is a rather ingenious shape accomplished through injection molding. The top surface curves into the center, which supports you very comfortably. The woman lies on her back with her hips at the higher end. This higher end is cleverly curved inward as well, providing greater access. It also tapers at this end, providing space for the man’s knees. The point is to allow for easier and deeper penetration, and it does exactly that. This is one of the most intelligently designed pieces of sex furniture we have seen.

It is very well made and will last for years. We know someone who has had theirs for around six years and it is still in good shape. The foam is high quality and very dense, providing a lot of support. The cover unzips and you can hand wash it in cold water and mild detergent.

In our testing, women did report feeling some g-spot stimulation in this position. For the man, it elevated her enough so that he could thrust in a very comfortable position. One thing they do not mention on the site is its use for anal sex, including a woman wearing a strap-on with her male partner lying on his back on the cushion. Yes, that does work well, also.

The product is also marketed as a yoga pillow and as a pregnancy aid. We are not experts on yoga, but we can say that it should work quite well if you are having sex while practicing yoga. Since we are a science based site, how well does the claim of being a pregnancy aid stand up? You will probably be amazed when I tell you that there is no conclusive science yet on the best position for pregnancy. As it turns out, this is a very difficult thing to research because there are so many variables, including the fact that there is anatomical variability between different women.

It is believed that the missionary position is advantageous for women who have an anteverted uterus, which is about two thirds of women. Women with a retroverted uterus, meaning that it tilts backwards instead of forwards, would not find the same advantage. Some fertility experts do recommend lying in an elevated position for 30 minutes after ejaculation. The science behind this is pretty iffy, though. Other experts believe that the cervical mucus adequately holds the sperm in after ejaculation and that there is no advantage at all to this. Who is right? Amazingly, science has yet to provide conclusive data.

It is believed that orgasm may help achieve conception. For the women that reported that the pillow helped them achieve orgasm, that could help. However, while it seems to make sense that the uterine contractions from orgasm help draw in the semen into the uterus, we don’t really have any hard science that definitively demonstrates that orgasm increases the likelihood of pregnancy. It seems likely that it does help, but fertility experts also worry that it might put too much pressure on women to be orgasmic. If something helps you be more orgasmic, though, I think it is worth trying, so the short answer is that the Little Deeper Cushion might help with pregnancy, even if it can not be proven conclusively.

Combining excellent quality with superior design, we have no hesitation in recommending this. By the way, if you are reading this close to the publication date, you might want to check out the Little Deeper site. At the time of this writing, they have a special where you can purchase the cushion and the carrying case as a bundle for less than the price of the cushion by itself.