The Pocket Rocket Evolution

(above) Pictured left to right- Original Pocket Rocket, Black Magic Velvet Touch, White Knight Velvet Touch, Holiday Edition, Multi-Speed Pocket Rocket Plus, Waterproof iVibe

by Jeff Booth

The term “Pocket Rocket” has a number of meanings. It can refer to a petite sexy woman, a penis, or a small but powerful motorcycle. To fans of sex toys, though, it only means one thing.

The Pocket Rocket is perhaps the most popular sex toy of all time. It is small, simple, discreet, inexpensive, and it does the job for most women who try it. In our discussions with people about sex toys, this is far and away the single most popular sex toy on the market. Almost every single woman we know has one (which may be due to the fact that most of the women we know use vibrators). This little inconspicuous toy has been responsible for more orgasms than the top greatest lovers in history combined.

It is very small and uses a single AA battery. Even so, it has a lot of oomph, and surprisingly, the battery lasts a long time. Unlike many adult toys, it is made to last. Kris did wear one out after years of hard use, but the replacement has just kept on going.

All toys die, but Pocket Rockets go out screaming. At the end of their life, they tend to develop a loud and annoying squeal. That is when it is time to start screaming for a replacement.

The Pocket Rocket is small enough to easily carry in a purse. A girl friend keeps hers in the car for when she gets trapped in rush hour traffic. Another friend of ours had one turned on in his pocket at a couple’s dance and was quite popular with the ladies when he close danced with them. I had one in my pocket when it accidentally went off and I was so startled I jumped about a foot.

It is not designed for vaginal use. It is strictly for clitoral stimulation. I sometimes hold it against my fingers while using them on her clit to get them vibrating a little. I also like it when she holds it against the base of my cock while giving me head. When Kris needs a quick orgasmic release, especially on those nights when I crawl into bed too exhausted to move, she reaches for one of two items- her Pocket Rocket or her Magic Wand.

The single speed Pocket Rocket turns on by rotating the bottom half. Rotate it the other way and the bottom comes off to let you insert the battery.

It comes with a little plastic nubbed top. I don’t know of anyone who actually uses that, though. Underneath the removable top are three balls. Put these straight on the clit and hey howdy.

There are many versions of the Pocket Rocket out there. If you want the original though, you need to get the one made by Doc Johnson. It either has Doc Johnson or Pocket Rocket stamped on it. Earlier versions just had G2 Massager. It is 3.95 inches from the balls to the base, and .95 inches at its widest point- although these dimensions are less relevant since it is not insertable. It is just under 3 oz. with battery.

One of the best aspects of the Pocket Rocket is that it is very cheap. You can find it for around $10 on Amazon. You can even get it from the Walgreens online site. The classic Pocket Rocket is plain white, but you can also find it in pink, purple, black and red.

Beyond the original Pocket Rocket, Doc Johnson has created a number of variations. There are the Black Magic and the White Knights Pocket Rockets. These are similar, except for the colors, and instead of the plain ABS plastic of the original, they come in ABS with what Doc Johnson calls their Velvet Touch finish. While perhaps feeling nicer in the hand, I don’t believe this adds much to the actual stimulation. It is mostly aesthetics. We have not had these in for testing, but according to their site, they are just a tiny bit larger than the original Pocket Rocket.

Then there is the Pocket Rocket Plus. It is quite a bit longer at 6″, which allows for two batteries and hence stronger vibration, and it is also multi-speed, unlike the single speed of the original. It comes in white, pink, red, purple and blue. You are also looking at more than twice the price.

If you want to take your vibe into the pool or shower, you’ll want to look at the iVibe. It is a waterproof version of the Pocket Rocket, and it comes in Strawberry, Grape, and Blueberry (colors, not flavors).

There are many other manufacturers that make products to compete head on with the Pocket Rocket, and usually they are competing on price, making them even cheaper. This usually does not work out as well, because they just don’t last as long. I read a lot of the reviews on Amazon just to see what people are saying, and I have seen Doc Johnson Pocket Rockets get a poor review when another fellow reviewer noted that the vendor actually was sending out cheaper Pocket Rocket knock-offs.

It is certainly possible that there is a cheap Pocket Rocket version as good as the original, but we have not found one yet. One of the features they usually promote is a variety of plastic caps for the top. We have never been impressed by these. The other feature is being waterproof. One of those we tested, and we won’t mention them by name since this was a couple of years ago and they might have resolved the problem, had consistent problems with several units with the twist on feature- something Doc Johnson has perfected and we have never had a problem with. This and just dying quickly seem to be the most consistent problem with cheaper versions.

What about more expensive versions? To justify the more expensive price, you need to add more features, like being waterproof, and multi-speed, and more powerful. Even Doc Johnson does not make one with all of those features. Does anyone? Not that we could find.

We spent some time scouring the Internet, and there was only one that intrigued us. It is the slightly more expensive 7 Function Travel Teaser from California Exotic Novelties. It has a cool chrome look, and is multi-function, but not waterproof. It seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck.