is headquartered in San Francisco in what used to be the historic Armory building. You can read more about their building and the opportunity for tours of their porn studio in our Sexy San Francisco article. The good news for them in a sea of bad political news is that California Proposition 60 that was on the ballot that would have forced them (and pretty much every other adult studio) to leave the State failed to pass. began in 1997, when student Peter Acworth was studying for a PhD in finance at Columbia University. After reading about the success some were having with adult websites, and with his own strong interest in bondage, he went into the world of kink full time with his first website, His company has grown phenomenally since then to about two dozen websites, becoming the largest producer of adult BDSM and fetish content in the world.

Peter appeared in some of the early content for the company. While you might think of a CEO as a dominant, he, in fact, enjoys being tied up. He sees as having an educational role, introducing people to sexual fantasy that they can incorporate into their own life. He also wants to demystify kink. As part of that goal, he agreed to let actor James Franco produce the documentary Kink about the studio in 2013. It allows viewers a view into his world.

What makes the content so amazing is the studio- unlike anything anywhere else. The old stone walls of the Armory are perfect for creating dungeon settings. There is a medical office set, a full Speakeasy, the Drome room with its brick walls, a sci-fi futuristic set, jail cell, sauna, the creepy bedroom, padded cell, and many other sets available for directors and adult performers to act out their wildest fantasies.

Besides a working studio that offers tours, Peter also wants to use the venue to host concert events. In April he won the permits he will require to do that. The venue will be able to hold audiences of 4,000. He also own a bar across the street.

This month, Doc Johnson begins shipping their line of signature items. The line was created in cooperation with BDSM experts. It includes nipple clips, butt plugs, dildos, nipple suction, cock cages, waterproof sheets, and a few items I have to admit I do not actually know what they are used for.

So, as a premier creator of adult fetish content, how is their streaming site? There is no shortage of content, only a shortage of time to watch it. They have over 10,000 hours of streaming fetish and BDSM porn. For those keeping track, if you spent eight hours a day, 365 days a year, just watching porn, it would keep you busy for almost 3 ½ years.

As the best in the world, all of this does not come cheap. They charge $49.95 per month. There are alternate plans, such as three months for $99.99, 6 months for 169.99, and one year for $319.99. No, they do not have a 3 ½ year option. Nor do they have the three day trials. This is a very premium site. They offer five sample clips at a time from pretty much anything you want to check out, which will give you a very good idea of what to expect. They also have the uncensored which takes you behind the scenes.

Besides the videos, you also get access to over 2 million photos at 770×1024. They do 10 updates every week.

There are 30 channels to choose from. There is the original Hogtied, Device Bondage, Sadistic Rope, Waterbondage, Fucking Machines, Hardcore Gangbang, Bound Gangbangs, Dungeon Sex, Animated Kink, Whipped Ass, Ultimate Surrender, Everything Butt, Electrosluts, Wired Pussy, and Foot Worship. Sex and Submission and The Training of O focus on men dominating women, while channels like Divine Bitches and Men in Pain focus on women dominating men. The Kinkmen channels focus on gay BDSM. The TS channels focus on the transgendered.

The Upper Floor is unique to It depicts a very upscale BDSM club with the players and the many voyeurs, not unlike what you would find at a real BDSM gathering. The viewing crowd is made up of actual BDSM afficionados, since I know a few who have participated. This gets you pretty close to the experience you might find at the private home of a wealthy kinkster hosting his own party.

Public Disgrace features BDSM scenarios that take place in front of a crowd. These include a wide variety of locations, many of them outdoors.

Kink University is their educational channel. It offers expert advice on a wide variety of BDSM information. When I checked there were around 180 videos, with a few under 10 minutes but many more closer to an hour.

In terms of the streaming quality, I found no problems during several tests throughout the day. You can also do downloads, and besides allowing for repeat viewing, these can sometimes look better depending upon your streaming capabilities.

There are other interesting site features. The Models section lists almost 3,000 performers with some basic descriptive information and the scenes they appear in on the site. Since they are not in alphabetical order, you will appreciate the advanced search.

VR is a technology of the future that is sort of here now. To show off the current state of the art, they have a page of over a dozen free downloadable clips for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Google Cardboard.

There is Kink Live, where you can interact with Kink models., their fetish news site, is sadly neglected though, with no recent content.

Overall, if you were to pick the best BDSM and fetish site out there, is that site. Anyone else would be hard pressed to compete with the massive amount of unique and quality content.