Erotic Jewelry

With Christmas on the way, you might want to consider the gift of jewelry- erotic jewelry.  Sure, you might not be quite up for the more flamboyant, such as the jewel bedecked butt plugs above, but there are many types of erotic jewelry to bedeck various body parts. All of the jewelry we are covering here does not require any type of piercing to hold it in place.


Betony Vernon offers a number of very unique items. They focus on jewelry that can also be used for sensual pleasure.  They have beautiful items for both men and women.  For men, they have some gorgeous cock rings, bdsm themed cuff links, nipple clamps, and cuffs. Each is a high end work of art as well as being functional. For the bdsm themed items, she has coined the term “Sado Chic.” While there is a lot to thrill the bdsm crowd, there are many other unique items, such as the String of Pearls ring, pictured below,  designed for giving a sensual massage. While they are a European company, they do have a retail store in New York.

pearlsringString of Pearls Ring
Betony Vernon


Enchanted Pleasures offers a line of G-String Jewelry, from items that offer a little coverage to those that reveal all but add a decorative touch.  There are also items that will stimulate the wearer. They have quite a bit of variety and some very unique designs. These come from the Sylvie Monthule Body Jewelry Collection from Paris, which also includes items to adorn the breasts and nipples, front and rear cleavage. There are many lovely pictures showing the models wearing the jewelry, and it is a very large collection. Featured below is the Gold Nude Couple Clitoral Pendant Labia G-String.

GoldNudeCoupleG-StringGold Nude Couple Clitoral Pendant Labia G-String
Enchanted Pleasures


Ti Chang is a jewelry and sex toy designer who combines both those skills in her Incognito line. The concept behind the line is that the items look like jewelry but have a secret functional use. Her Droplet Necklace has a pair of tiny nipple vibrators. Her handcuffs can be stacked on one wrist as bracelets. A belt transforms into a whip. A necklace has hidden inside a pinwheel and a claw.

Droplet NecklaceDroplet Necklace


Body Jewelry by Judy has been around for many years. They offer a less expensive alternative to many of the higher end options. They are an excellent introductory resource for those interested in exploring body jewelry, with a very affordable line  incorporating European cut crystal. They have Clit Clips, Titti Twinklers, Bum Baubles, Frenulum Ticklers, and waist and ankle chains. The web site pictures really do not do her products justice.

Sexy Jewlry


Arabesque makes Nipple Danglers, Necklace Nipple Chains, Clit Caressers, and Pussy Danglers, all of which are pretty much what they sound like. They come in solid silver sterling and 18 and 14k gold.



Stainless Steel Jeweled Anal Butt Plugs as pictured above have become so common you can buy them from Amazon and find reviews on Youtube. I even saw a Groupon coupon for one. I should point out that these are not real jewels.  Some do feature Swarovski crystal, though.  They are almost always made of metal, which means they may not always be a good choice for beginners. You might want to start with a small softer butt plug to get the feel for the experience. Metal provides a more intense experience, and has the added advantage of being easy to clean. They should be worn for a shorter period of time than the softer plugs, though.  The best metal plugs are made from medical grade Surgical Steel.


We do like the products available from The Body Teaser and the Erotic Jewellery Company, but both are outside of the Unites Sates. They will ship here, though, so you might want to explore their web sites.

The Body Teaser
Erotic Jewellery Company