The new FollowMe!Vibe from TekBzzz is the first vibrator set up for social networking. It comes with built-in bluetooth  and automatically connects to your computer or phone when it gets close. Using the FollowMe!Vibe app, it will automatically send out a tweet or a posting to Facebook each time you use the vibrator.

It comes with 14 vibration patterns, and as you use the vibrator, it keeps track of the different patterns used each session, and records which collection of patterns brings you to orgasm the quickest. You can then share these settings with others. It will also match your most successful collections of patterns with FollowMe!Vibe users who have similar collections.

The FollowMe!Vibe App runs on Windows, Android, and iOS. It includes a number of settings, allowing you to set exactly what types of information from the vibrator that you want to share. If you have a phone with a fingerprint scanner, it can measure how much stress relief the orgasm provided, and track this over time. The RemindMe! option lets you set a reminder if you have gone over a set number of days without using the vibrator. This reminder is sent as a text directly to your phone.

TekBzzz has not forgotten about the guys. They plan soon to launch the FollowMe!Vagina, which will have similar capabilities.

It makes a great gift, especially for April 1st.